I’ve decided to write a short comments policy. It’s a work in progress because I’m still making up my mind what’s best.

First, I do read ALL the comments that are posted. Occasional abusive comments aside, I thank everyone who takes the trouble to comment. Please keep commenting!

Second, I’m not going to publish all comments – and on occasion my decisions may seem unpredictable and even unfair.

My primary interest with this blog is to present useful information and ideas that may, I hope, have practical significance. I’m not setting up a debating forum. I want the comments that get posted to add to the readers’ general  experience and not detract.

I write about notoriously sensitive topics. These are topics that attract a fair amount of silliness, in my experience – along with very thoughtful input.

My overall goal in selecting comments will be to enhance the information base contained in this website – as I see it. I appreciate I may well make poor decisions. But that, for now, is the way I intend to proceed – and while I’m always interested in input from readers, this editor’s decision is final.

It’s the joy of being, to coin a phrase, ‘A Minority of One’.

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