Conroy's School ReportOverall – E

This is a very unsatisfactory report.

Throughout the year Stephen has been Captain of Communications.

Even though he has tried quite hard, his performance is well below the standard required for a School Captain.

He is suited to a lighter workload and will be assigned different duties in 2009. An extended overseas trip should be considered. This could be a good time for Stephen to learn Chinese!

English – E

Stephen is fluent in English but shows little original thought.

Under pressure, he has a tendency to skip oral exams.

We have not seen enough examples of Stephen’s written work to comment on his spelling.

Maths – F

Stephen has trouble with figures. His equations rarely balance and few of his propositions add up. He has particular difficulty coping with logical arguments.

He has a poor grasp of networks and seems confused by complexity.

Social Studies – C

Stephen knows a lot about factions.

Art – B

Stephen communicates his fantasies graphically and often paints a scary picture!

Drama – C

Stephen’s performances are sometimes excruciating to watch but rarely boring!

Sports – C

Stephen pushes hard in the scrum. In general, his stubbornness serves him well on the football field. He excels at mud-wrestling.

Internet CensorshipStephen does not shine at indoor sports. He entered the school chess completion but was outclassed by bigger boys.

Attitude – F

Stephen repeatedly pesters other boys, pretending he has the right to inspect their satchels.

His bursts of petulance must stop! He must also stop accusing other boys of abuse and be less obsessed with self-abuse.

We hope he will mature into a less disruptive pupil.