The 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks - Another False-Flag Operation?

One of my bad habits is to leave the TV running all night.

When I do this, I usually tune to Fox News before dozing off. I know it’s perverse, but I like dreaming to Fox.

Fox, Rupert Murdoch’s TV network in the USA, is the major national cable ‘news’ channel and really must be seen to be believed. It’s the cleanest feed of Zionist war-monguering propaganda available on TV. There’s little window-dressing on Fox News. It’s not designed for America’s intelligentsia. Absorbed at night, by a mind in repose, it’s like a hard-wired connection to the neocon Zeitgeist. They decide. I soak it in. Later, in my waking hours, I try to de-construct and demystify.

Fox and FriendsLife hasn’t been easy for Fox presenters in recent months. For one thing, the Republicans bombed so badly that even Fox and Diebold combined couldn’t save them (except around the edges). But there’s more!

The folk at Fox spent years regurgitating deregulatory, extreme free-market rhetoric (with only the military industrial complex on ever-escalating welfare). Now these unfortunates must re-learn their lines from scratch, so they can explain to a bemused public why gigantic taxpayer bailouts of banks and insurance companies are, on balance, a fantastic idea.

Just over a week ago, I left Fox running when I went to bed. As I surfaced from my slumbers the following morning, I noticed the talking heads seemed more cheerful than before. Voices were animated. Confidence had returned!

I momentarily wondered whether Wall Street had surged overnight? Perhaps the Taliban had surrendered? Or did a smart accountant in the Pentagon locate Rumsfeld’s missing trillions?

Shepard SmithAs reality dawned, I discovered the lighter mood had a more gruesome basis. They werer chatting about ‘terror’ again.

That’s how I first learnt of the spectacular attacks in Mumbai that restored ‘terror’ to centre stage in the international media agenda last week – just when it seemed society might be emerging from a hallucinogenic bad trip that’s been ongoing most of this decade.

Bill HammerThe direction of major western mass media spin settled over the ensuing days. If the recent Mumbai attacks are viewed as a Hegelian ‘thesis’, the much-anticipated ‘antithesis’ is renewed conflict between India and Pakistan.

On a range of channels – US, British and Australian – ‘experts’ have been slavering over the prospect of India punishing Pakistan. They paint horrifying scenarios of ‘Islamic bombs’ falling into the hands of terrorists, failed States, Muslim extremism. One or two even managed to link the attacks to the ‘case’ for bombing Iran (never far from their dreams).

I have no proof who was responsible for the Mumbai attacks and won’t speculate now.

But I will say this.

I implore the people of India to demand a full, fair and transparent inquiry – an enquiry that examines all perspectives and theories. Accept nothing less!

Don’t be hoodwinked! The truth about the Mumbai attacks is out there! Find it and expose it!

Pursue this case so the guilty are truly brought to account and innocent lives already lost will not have been in vain. Do the entire world a very great service! Expose the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.

There’s no use looking to Australia as a role model.  In this country, both the Hilton bombings in the late 1970s and the horrific 1996 mass murder at Port Arthur were followed by NO inquiries at all. In the case of Port Arthur, there wasn’t even an a coronial inquiry!

Britain is no better. It has yet to hold a public inquiry or inquest into the 7/7 2005 London bombings.

Don’t follow the USA either, which holds inquiries into atrocities such as the assassination of President Kennedy and 9-11 – as long as the conclusion is assumed BEFORE the Inquiry begins.

Show us that India remains civilized – even while others go through a very bad patch.

In your inquiry, you must obviously look at ALL perspectives and evidence.

Some heavy lifting has already begun. The best overview I’ve seen so far on the Mumbai mass murder is at Winter Patriot.

That’s not unexpected. Winter Patriot is a beacon of sanity on the web. It’s one of the best places I know for intelligent analysis and counter-spin.

Check out Winter Patriot’s 4-part Mumbai analysis: