At last, some real dirt on Barak Obama!

He has terrorist connections!

No, I don’t mean the endlessly recycled, tenuous connection with Bill Ayers, an elderly academic with a colorful past. Nor do I have in mind Barak’s links with the Rev Wright, one of the more honest preachers in America today.

Those people are in Obama’s past. I imagine both will get more calls from Fox News than they receive from President Obama in the coming years. Probably a lot more…

Rahm Emanuel gets in Barak Obama's earMore central to Obama‘s future is Rahm Emanuel, his newly-appointed Chief of Staff. Now there’s a guy with terrorist connections…

At the time his appointment went beyond rumor to confirmed fact, Emanuel made a special point of noting that his parents are both still alive and able to appreciate their son’s success.

It’s a beautiful sentiment – one of those times when the political intersects with the personal. A short clip of Rahm’s remark has been shown around the world.

But who are Rahm’s parents?

His father is Benjamin M. Emanuel, a US pediatrician. Like many other successful Americans, he emigrated to America from another place. Actually, he came from Palestine.

In fact as a young man, Benjamin was a terrorist based in Palestine. So the father of Obama’s new anchor man was a Palestinian Terrorist!

No, not that kind of Palestinian Terrorist! Benjamin Rahm was a member of the Irgun in the 1940s.

The main focus of the Irgun’s terrorist outrages was tormenting the British mandate forces stationed in Palestine at the time. They bombed British targets. They abducted and murdered British soldiers. They also assassinated prominent British emissaries. Oh, and they massacred Arab Palestinians too. Quite a few.

Emanuel senior’s comments to the press following his son’s White House appointment are of some note. The New York Daily News reports:

Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, once a member of the Irgun militia that fought for Israel’s statehood, was asked in an interview with the Hebrew daily Maariv if his son’s appointment would be good for Israel.”Obviously, he will influence the President to be pro-Israel,” said the elder Emanuel, who immigrated to the U.S. from Israel in the 1950s.”Why shouldn’t he do it? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floor of the White House. “There was no immediate comment from Rep. Emanuel’s congressional office

Well, no-one can blame a man for his cranky old parents.

So perhaps all this background is irrelevant? Has Emanuel junior transcended his parents sectarian extremism?

It doesn’t seem so. In the early 1990s, Rahm Emanuel was on the team in Clinton’s early bid for the presidency. Then war broke out – and Rahm went off to participate personally as a national defence vounteer at a time of crisis.

A sign of deep patriotism? Well, yes and no. Rahm didn’t leave Clinton’s campaign to fight with the American military. An Israeii newspaper informs us that he was a volunteer in the IDF. That’s the Israeli Defense Force.

Is Obama’s Chief of Staff a dual national? *

During the Clinton years, Rahm Emanuel was a key policy adviser, one of the many Jewish Zionists in Bill Clinton’s Administration.

He has been a Congressman since 2003. According to an astute observer of the 2006 mid-term elections, by that time Rahm was really in his stride. He worked like a Congressional gardener, weeding out anti-war voices and ensuring the election of a reliable pro-war crop.

So it was that in 2006 the electorate swept Democrats to congressional power on an anti-war wave – yet the war(s) just carried on. Emanuel said it would be so. And so it was.

Now Rahm Emanuel is the first building bock in the new Obama Administration and will be chief gatekeeper at the White House.

He is in a perfect position to mold the flow of information to the new President, overseeing who can reach him personally, pick other key staff and generally style the new Ship of State.

Cynics might suggest that he will also guarantee deep Israeli penetration of the new White House. Can Obama ever have contact with anyone without Mossad finding out – in real time?

Of course, that’s just a conspiracy theory.

As everyone in the real word knows, Rahm is 100% a loyal American.

Any suggestion that he would ever consider betraying American interests – or his new employer – for a foreign power, is completely ridiculous.

No wonder not one major newspaper in the English-speaking word has devoted a column inch to the suggestion.


* According to this fascinating article from (1999), Rahm Emanuel gave up Israeli citizenship in 1979 – shortly before he accomplished his first major ‘success’ in US politics: destroying the congressional career of Paul Findley, one of the few members of Congress in the 1960s/70s willing to be openly critical of Israel.