8.50am Queensland time as I start writing this post.

Fox News has just released results of exit polls from three crucial swing states. According to these, Obama is outpolling McCain 2:1

On that basis, I’m calling this election for Barak Obama, right now.  Fun to get in early 🙂

Barak ObamaUp to now, I’d shared some commentators’ concerns that this Presidential election might once again be stolen.

Yet as the election has drawn closer, it’s become apparent to just about everyone watching that another 2004 coudn’t be orchestrated without provoking a calamitous level of outrage.

Too many people understood what happened last time. What happened last time was too well documented – even though electronic voting fraud has been a non-topic for most of the western mass media.

Above all, this time, thanks to the brilliance of Obama’s campaign – the margin is far too large to ‘adjust’ by electronic voting/optical scan rorts. This early spin from Fox shows that it won’t even be attempted (one dreads to imagine what Plan B may be in preparation…).

Barak Obama has won the White House back for the Democrats!


You may well be the most impressive political leader of this generation.

You’ve won an audacious victory that brings the world new hope.

I am a fan of Cynthia McKinney – and I share a lot of Ralph Nader’s criticisms of the US Democratic Party.  I offer these congratulations to Obama with wide open eyes.

But he has achieved what they have not: victory in the general election and the right to become President. Thanks to Obama, America and the planet gets a new chance. Outright criminals held sway under Bush. He has broken their direct chain of succession.

If ever the USA – and our planet as a whole – needed real, constructive, positive change, that time is now.

How about Robert Kennedy Junior for Attorney General?