It seems this blog is back in business.

Several years ago I got drawn into local environmental campaigning, mainly because the State government of the day decided to build a 4-Lane Highway most of the way to my backdoor, trashing World heritage rainforest in the process and locking the region into long-term car-dependency.

Happily, the current State Government, under Anna Bligh’s more enightened leadership, has taken a rain check on this mad proposal.

Earlier this year, after copping a good thrashing in the local government elections, I found myself once again able to resume life as a cyber-peasant.

Now I discover that the Australian Internet is under attack. The Federal Government (whose election I celebrated not many months ago) is starting to look like it might be a real pest. The ghost of Blairism, perhaps? Playing fast and loose with our civil liberties.

Lenin’s famous quotation springs to mind: “You may not be interested in war… but war is interested in you”. Governments are like that too, it seems.

It takes a lot to stir up most Australians, but Senator Conroy may have found the magic formula.

Australia’s blogosphere hasn’t really got started on this yet. The revival of this blog, in part, is my small contribution to the cause.

The Rudd Government has a simple remedy.  If it’s really concerned about the matter of Internet censorship and wants the topic thoroughy considered, refer it to a Senate Inquiry. Let’s get the facts on the table and have a rational public debate. Thought before action.

If Stephen Conroy does try to ram through his censorship proposal, I believe he should be sacked.  If the Government backs him – it should be sacked too, at the next Federal election if not before.

Having got that off my chest, here’s a few links to some of my articles published in CairnsBlog over the last year. I may repost them here over time.