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May 2012
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The assault on Syria: Australian justice trashed
May 30th, 2012 by Syd Walker

Yesterday the Australian Government expelled Jawdat Ali – the Syrian Charge D’Affairs – along with another member of Australia’s diplomatic legation in Canberra.

This expulsion was purportedly Canberra’s protest over the recent massacre in Houla. It became clear within hours that it’s part of a concerted push by western governments; others took similar action.

The Syrian Government described western media coverage of the Houla massacre as a tsunami of lies. That is my own view; I’ve little doubt this atrocious mass murder was staged by opponents of the Assad Government to discredit it. Apart from anything else, it’s a case of ‘cui bono‘? (who benefits). Most commentator side-step this – yet clearly opponents of Syria’s Government gained dramatically from the Houla massacre, not the accused Government.

In Australia – as in most western nations – almost all mainstream media support the same biased narrative. In Parliamentary question time today, the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader shared a rare moment of agreement, both condemning the Assad Government for the Houla atrocity. A few voices such as mine rail against this apparent consensus.  But how can most busy people – far away from Syria – make an informed judgement? It’s hard to resist a tsunami…

However, Australians can get a clearer idea of how honest and effective our media have been covering incidents within this country – incidents that may be regarded as part of the same wave. That’s what this article is mainly about.


Syria Embassy in Canberra vandalized

Syria Embassy in Canberra vandalized on February 4th 2012 (a sorry day in the history of Australian hospitality - and an 'unsolved' crime)

On February 4th 2012 a similar storm of well-hyped outrage swept the western world. The trigger on that occasion was the alleged mass-slaughter of civilians by the Syrian Government in Homs. That incident also led to frenetic attempts by self-styled “Friends of Syria” (nations that might more appropriately be described as “Lackeys of Israel”) to garner support in the UN Security Council for Libya-style intervention. Russia and China resisted such moves, despite enormous western pressure to buckle under.

The bloodshed in Homs didn’t just trigger diplomatic action. In many western capitals, there was also a seemingly spontaneous outburst of revulsion by opponents of the Syrian Government within the community. Syrian Embassies from London to Canberra were attacked by protestors.

In Canberra, the assault on the Syrian Embassy was particularly vicious. No-one was actually hurt, but a gang of some 40 people marauded through the Embassy. Even though Syrian Embassies in other countries had already been attacked, the Australian authorities ‘overlooked’ the need for security. The Embassy’s caretaker staff were forced to take refuge in the basement as a mob trashed the place, unopposed –  then melted away as fast as they appeared.

While demonstrations outside Embassies in Canberra are quite common, invasions of Embassy buildings are rare. Like other nations that host diplomatic legations, Australia has a responsibility to protect foreign diplomats on our soil. Yet not only were demonstrators able to rampage through the Embassy, they were also allowed to get away with it. To this day there have been no arrests over the incident.

Even if this is a sign of nothing more sinister than incompetence on the part of ASIO and the Australian Federal Police, the (lack of) mass media follow up suggests a general willingness to look the other way. Imagine had the Israeli, US or UK Embassies been attacked in such a manner: would the media have simply let the matter drop? Yet that’s exactly what happened in this case. Within days, our newspapers simply lost interest. A week later, the Canberra Times reported that Canberra’s local Senator, Gary Humphries, was planning to ask questions in Parliament. However, I can find no reports that he ever did so – and he ignored my inquiries on the matter. Perhaps by then Humphries had been warned off?

It’s true no-one was actually hurt in the Canberra Embassy attack and doubtless the Federal police have other matters to investigate. Even so, if Australia can’t provide security to overseas guests it reflects badly on us. If our police are slack in investigating such a crime, that’s worse. If, in addition, our media can’t be bothered to look into the matter further… perhaps we need to question whether this country is really as civilised as we like to think?

Shortly after the Embassy attack – in the early morning of February 6th – there was a horrible violent incident in Punchbowl, a suburb of Sydney. Ali Ibrahim, a young man from a Syrian family resident in Australia who was known to support President Assad’s secular government through his vocal support via the internet – was shot in the legs several times on his own doorstep.

At this point, one might imagine, the authorities would get serious. Trashing an Embassy is one thing; crippling a young Australian with firearms is another. Yet not only have the NSW Police yet to find a culprit; they also appear, in this case, to have blamed the victim. Instead of investigating the crime as a politically motivated attack, it was discussed in the media as just another drive-by shooting involving criminals (of which there’d been a spate in Sydney at the time). The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Mr Ibrahim might even be charged! Apparently NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli remarked: “Once again, we’re faced with a victim of a serious crime who says that he does not know who the person is and he has no information that can really assist investigators..” Do the Sydney police always require victims to know the identity of their assailants before taking cases of assault seriously?*

There have been other violent attacks this year on Australian Syrians who also support the Assad Government. I’m aware of at least one other victim – a doctor hospitalised after a brutal assault. I won’t mention his name, because his story doesn’t seem to have been reported by the press; it may be he prefers it that way. One can easily understand why Australian Syrians who oppose intervention in their country of origin might be feeling paranoid.

Senator Bob Carr

Bob Carr; Australia 's recently-appointed Foreign Minister whose job includes the odious task of warping truth to toady to Zionists

Perhaps fomenting paranoia within the Syrian community in Australia has been a deliberate goal of the authorities. Shortly after the Embassy attack in early February, Australians for Syria began organising a rally in Canberra. Coaches were booked to bring supporters from Melbourne, Sydney and other major centres to the capital. It’s estimated there are some 30,000 to 40,000 Australians of Syrian descent. Many support the Assad Government – or at the very least oppose the kind of external intervention that helped destroy Libya last year. The Government in Damascus is secular and draws support from Syrian Australians of many faiths – Muslim and Christian.

But the rally never took place. Soon after it was announced, members of Australians for Syria began receiving death threats. A counter-demonstration was announced for the same day, involving radical Muslims from places such as the Lakemba mosque. Although Australians for Syria reported intimidatory messages to police – and sought police protection for their rally – the police were less than enthusiastic. The organisers ended up cancelling the pro-Government rally, which had been intended as a peaceful, family event. The last thing they wanted was more violence.

Thus it was that Australia failed to provide a safe environment in which peaceful members of this society could voice their opinions. Of course, this has added to the public’s impression that there’s little support for the Syrian Government among Syrian Australians. The media has helped cement this by not giving them much coverage.

Although Australians often congratulate ourselves for having one of the most just societies on earth, the truth is less comfortable. In fact, compared with an ancient civilisation such as Syria, our respect for justice may be little more than skin deep.

There was a time when Australia was considered a ‘Christian country’, but that really doesn’t wash any more. Thousands of Christians were expelled from Homs earlier this year by radical Muslims who effectively have the support of our Government. This occasioned not one murmur from any Member of the Australian Parliament.

In reality, Australia has become a nation of sheep – and the jackals who’ve seized power, insofar as they have any creed at all beyond self-interest, prostrate themelves before the altar of international Zionism.

Former Governor-General Sir Isaac Isaacs

Former Governor-General Sir Isaac Isaacs - an eminent Jewish Australian who warned of the evil consequences of 'political Zionism' before the 'State of Israel' was declared

It’s Zionist power, needless to say, that really lies behind the attack on Syria. If Assad disowned Hezbollah and Iran, even now he might be welcomed back into the folk of western-approved Arab leaders, irrespective of whether there’s further progress to democratization in Syria. But the Assad Government has been a steadfast supporter of Palestine – and is viewed as a key impediment to overthrowing the government of Iran. Israel is reluctant to attack Iran as long as Hezbollah poses a retaliatory threat. Assad refuses to abandon the feisty Lebanese resistance movement.

So it is that the “need” of Israel to exert absolute dominance within its region is given priority over everything else – even the rule of law in far-away Australia.

In this case – as in so many others – our mass media is worse than useless: it’s an active agent of disinformation.

One final part of the puzzle is why Governments from the UK to Australia chose to take similar, co-ordinated action against the most senior Syrian diplomatic staff, while leaving the legations open. Robert Bekhazi, spokesperson for Australians for Syria, has a theory that makes a lot of sense to me.

He points out that whereas several senior diplomats representing the Ghadafi Government were persuaded to defect before the Libyan Government was forcibly dislodged – weakening its legitimacy in the public mind –  so far none of Syria’s diplomats have followed suit. Presumably that indicates their genuine support for the Government of President Assad. By ensuring these leading diplomats are sent packing it may now be easier to pressure more junior staff into betraying their nation.


* Today I received a reply from the Media Unit of the NSW Police to a request for information regarding progress on the Ali Ibrahim shooting in Punchbowl, Sydney. The reply is reproduced below:

We can advise that on the 8 March 2012 a 21-year-old man was charged with two offences:
* Discharge firearm etc intend to cause grievous bodily harm
* Fire firearm in or near public place
He has been in custody since his charge and was due to appear at Burwood Local Court today (30 May).

34 Responses  
  • Kevin Herbert writes:
    May 30th, 20127:00 pmat

    And now, on the orders of its US masters, the Gillard Government expels Syrian diplomats prior to even a cursory inquiry into the massacre.

    Reports are emerging that while the Syrian government was shelling the area due to increasing ‘rebel’ (read: those fifth columists financed by the US, Israel & Saudi Arabia) attacks, that the massacre of the civilians was committed by ‘persons unknown’. No prizes for guessing who are the chief suspects.

    Australia’s hypocrisy is breathtaking, given that it defended the Israeli defence forces massacre of more than 1000 civilians & 318 children in Gaza over Xmas/New Year 2009/10 as “Israel’s right to defend itself from attack”.

    Given that the supposed ‘attack’ had been the firing of piddling Quasim rockets into Israel as a response to the targetted killing (i.e. State sanctioned murder) by the IDF of 6 Hamas freedom fighters the day before, one comes to understand that both the Gazan & Houla massacres are simply sideshows in the US neocons on-going stated plan to wage permanent war in the Middle East, all for the control of oil output. Did I forget to mention the neocons need to justify huge military budgets to line the pockets of their MIC mates.

    I ask that you view the below 7 min video of US Congressman Ron Paul as he lays out in 2003 the neocons plans for, inter alia, the Middle East & world economic & military domination:

    Watch the upcoming GOP presidential selection conference to hear Ron Paul again wipe the floor with his take on the neocons evil policies….of course that if the neocons don’t have him murdered.

  • Kevin Herbert writes:
    May 30th, 20127:11 pmat

    Also, great piece Syd.

    You have put the spotlight on those Australian polticians of both sides who are supporters of US sponsored international militarist Zionism.

    The attack on the Syrian Embassy had not entered my news zone, and I read media extensively whenever I can. he attasck & its aftermath are as you rightly point out, a national disgrace. I can easily imagine DFAT’s DEnis Richardson waiting each week for his instructions from the neocon stooges in the US State Department.

    If I were the Chinese or Indonesian Governments, I wouldn’t trust Australia in any way…we are a pathetic client State of the US Trotskyite neocons.

    • Syd Walker writes:
      May 30th, 20127:29 pmat

      Thanks for your comments Kevin. I agree about not trusting the Australian Government’s foreign policy – it’s just an echo. Sometimes I feel embarrassed seeing an intelligent guy like Bob Carr mouth mindless falsities because that’s what’s expected – embarrassed on his behalf. It’s sad.

      I may blog a separate article about this, but for now… here’s a mind-blowing historical gem that was unknown to me until an hour or so ago, retrieved from the Memory Hole and sent to me via Twitter.

      Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot

  • neretva'43 writes:
    May 30th, 201210:46 pmat

    “It’s Zionist power…”

    No it is not. It is Western Imperialism, and/or I would say Fascism which is inherent component of Anglo-Saxon’s, Franco-Roman’s so-called culture and political life. Some call it: Neoliberalism or colonialism. It is aggression of Western nation-states against countries of Asia, Africa, East Europe, S. America etc.
    The state of Israel by itself is failed one. Meaning, not self sufficient and viable. By representing Israel as main source of problems, or as a “power”, in today’s world is disservice to the truth. Joseph Nye, one of the chief ideologist of US foreign policy define the power of one country as:
    The Israel has none of it!

    If, for example, Western world cut “aid” to settler-apartheid state it would collapse tomorrow. Zionism is just tool of the masters who are sitting today in Washington, yesteryear in London and Paris (you should read about Suez Crisis), and Berlin who is lurking behind the scene and by nature of the thing all others nation-states of western (and East) world who are members of NATO.
    Lastly, if you like to use that word Zionism than it should be associated with both, Christian and Jewish nouns.

    • Kevin Herbert writes:
      May 31st, 20128:24 amat

      Your points are very well made.

  • daggett writes:
    May 30th, 201211:27 pmat

    Thanks, Sid, for speaking the truth about Syria. This web-site also opposes crimes committed against Syria, Libya and before that, Iraq.

  • daggett writes:
    May 31st, 201210:37 pmat

    This article, largely base on what has alread been posted here and on LandDestroyer may be of interest: Shameless defence of lying to achieve US/Israeli geo-political goals in Syria.

    Australia’s ‘Labor’ Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, who has repeated the lies against the Syrian government, gets a mention.

  • brian writes:
    June 1st, 20126:29 pmat

    Joud ?@Hey_Joud
    #AJE’s interview with Syrian Social Club member Ammar Waqqaf (@ammarman) re: the #HoulaMassacre. #Syria

    2.30…govts who expelled syrian diplomats prematurely will be party to what follows
    the shabiha narrative is in play at AJE…nevertheless its good to see the official story criticised

  • brian writes:
    June 1st, 20126:36 pmat
  • hanadi writes:
    June 1st, 20127:15 pmat


    I am a Syrian/Australian living in Sydney. I agree with everything your wrote and thank you for your effort. Media is a weapon used against my country u can find a lot of youtubes on the fabrications.

    A lot of our community people would like to oppose the government decision by protesting infront of the parliament house at macquarie st what do u think and can u help us in this matter please.


  • daggett writes:
    June 2nd, 201212:10 amat

    If you want to get an idea of how ineptly Bob Carr governed NSW and how unppular he was, check out Bob Carr’s words belied by his record as Premier of NSW of 1 Jan 2009. Much of that article consists of comments posted to the site Those words from members of the public which tore to shreds Carr’s record as Premier have since been removed by ‘your’ ABC. So what has been put on my web-site remains the only accessible record of that vauablw historical record of which I know.

    If Bashar al Assad had governed Syria anywhere near as ineptly as Carr ruled NSW in those years he would have been removed from office years ago.

  • brian writes:
    June 2nd, 201211:32 amat
    • daggett writes:
      June 2nd, 201212:51 pmat

      I just recievd the following in an e-mail from Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research. The have posted here the text of the article linked to by brian. Chossudevsky wites:

      “We call on our readers to forward this report far and wide. The massacre in Houla is being blamed on the Syrian government without a shred of evidence. The objective is not only to isolate Syria but to develop a pretext and a justification for waging an R2P humanitarian war on Syria.”

  • brian writes:
    June 2nd, 20122:50 pmat

    A gang of boys sped bicycles through the streets of Baba Amr and have, as they saw us, immediately “captured” us, and only released us at the end of our stay, of course.

    The lively boys were not afraid of anything, and spoke openly of their opinion about the terrorists. Afterwards, they moved with us to show us the local “attractions”, also including the robbed food stores, which are located there.

    The first interview with one of the boys:

    “As the terrorists were here, we could not leave our homes. Every time we wanted to go to school, they shot at us and forced us to return home. They fired incessantly at the houses and at anything that moved, they allowed no one to pursue his work. Once the army came and has liberated our neighborhoods, it became quiet, we went back to school, adults went back to work. Now we are happy again. ”

    The second boy:

    “We even went to a summer camp that was organized by the Baath Party for the schools. That was when the army was here.”

    The third:

    “It is again safe and quiet here.”

    I asked, “What are you doing now?”

    “We walk through the city.”

    The boy walks down the street, pointing to the destruction:

    “Look what the terrorists have done! May God destroy their homes. As much as they have destroyed everything here. May God destroy their houses! ”

    Interview with the liveliest of the guys:

    “That’s the wish that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have. Cursed are Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, too. What do they want from us? They have destroyed everything. They destroy Syria. Don`t they want, that we can live in peace? They have destroyed our country; we have been living well here before. Syria is a safe country. May God give them no health. They are all foreigners, mercenaries.”

  • daggett writes:
    June 3rd, 201212:59 pmat

    Check out this story (and resources linked to from there) about the Quebecois student strike against tution fee hikes. It is now more hat 100 days old and has turned into a more widespread popular movement against the despotic globalising Quebec provicial Government and behind that, the mis-rulers of Canada. This may seem off-topic, but the Quebec students are fighting against the same war criminals who helped to launch the invasion of Libya last year and who are almost certainly up to the hilt in curent NATO attempts to destabise Syria.

  • brian writes:
    June 3rd, 20121:28 pmat

    Addounia TV – Media Disinformation; Lies of Al Jazeera & other Medias
    The “Syrian Forces” have committed a barbarian crime in the night till the morning. They were killing, cutting and massacring the people.
    This was seen by the Syrians on 26 may 2012 when they turned the TV on.
    Pictures of dead childrens were seen on TV.
    Till the first hours in the morning TV Channels were saying, that who have committed this crime were the Syrian Army and the Shabiha (so called regime thugs).
    And in the morning the Syrian Television said, that armed terrorist groups burned Houses in al-Shoumariyeh village in the countryside of Homs province and committed a massacre against two families including childrens.

    So the Syrian Viewer has two stories, to watch foreign media like Al -Jazeera or the Syrian TV Channels. After that they beginn to discuss about that issue.
    This was a call to Al-Arabiya Channel at 1:00 am
    One of the Leaders from the Opposition called and said, that “regime forces” shelled at Houla in Homs.

    Syrian Opposition member “They are firing shells since 12 hours at us and until this moment…They are falling like the rain. 88 people had been killed till now”.

    He also said that the “regime forces” fired shells at Houla at the same time when the shabiha entered the villages, raiding homes and shooting at civilians. And the weapons that were used by the “regime forces” and the “Shabiha” were KNIVES. So he wanted to tell us that the families had been killed by knives not with anything else.

    Syrian Opposition member “And during the shells the Shabiha came in and began to kill whole families. Every moment we are finding new dead families, that were killed by knives.”

    And on Al-Jazeera Channel there was also a call in the night from “Abou Bilal al-Homsi”.
    Abou Bilal’s story was about the same massacre.
    After a demonstration they attacked us with mortars.

    Abou Bilal, “The regime forces attacked us to dissolve the demonstration. They shelled us with their Tanks. They also attacked us with mortars” …..

    Anf of course

    Abou Bilal, “The protesters didn’t wanted to go home, the wanted to stay at the same place to complete their demonstration. So the government forces continued to attack us. We have more than 100 people dead here till now.”

    And here, the questions beginn…
    The Massacre that was talked about, on Al Arabiya was different than it was talked about it by Al-Jazeera. but this is not the main problem.
    First, The Al-Jazeera caller said, that the regime forces shelled Houla for 12 Hours which led to a lot of corpses. And the corpses should belong to the whole families.
    The question here is, it was a free day, the people were at home or somewhere else.
    Why do we see just a lot of corpses belonging to Childrens as the regime forces were attacking a Kindergarten.
    Terrorist 1, “They are all Children”
    These are pictures, that were seen on youtube and it was published on Al Jazeera channel and al Arabiya TV. It showed that the corpses are belonging just to kids, that were put in 1 place. This pictures were the most credible for these TV channels.
    And on Al-Arabiya they said, that the Demonstration was attacked by shells. So could it be, that the demonstration was just shared by kids, the most under 10 Years?!
    Another Question, they said the Army shelled the Houses and the demonstration, so
    were is the dust on their bodies?!
    Another Question, Where are the families of these kids?!
    If there parents died with them under the shelling, where are the corpses of their parents?!
    The last point, there was also another massacre happend in al-Shoumariyeh Village in Homs Countryside. Armed terrorist groups burned a number of houses in al-Shoumariyeh village in the countryside of Homs province and committed a massacre against two families. And here are the pictures, you can see Children, Woman and whole families killed by Terrorists. And some of them were killed while they were sleeping.

    This pictures wasn’t showm by Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya after 1 hour.
    No of course not, they had to repeat the issue several times, that the Syrian Army is killing little kid

  • brian writes:
    June 3rd, 20121:29 pmat

    The Myth is the message!

    Syria: The mythic Shabiha as useful tool for BBC

    Whenever one is not able to prove that the Syrian army and security forces are behind anything, then a new straw man is needed, on which you – including an organized existence – also can prove nothing on, but where one is able to spin convenient legends around this straw man
    in place of very real saudi usraeli-backed jihadis…

    • brian writes:
      June 3rd, 20121:29 pmat

      this is a bit like the equally mythical black libyan mercenaries

  • daggett writes:
    June 3rd, 20127:26 pmat

    Syria Regime Change On Bilderberg Agenda

    Pro-NATO intervention SNC head in attendance at elite confab

    From Global Research:

    The presence of Syrian National Transitional Council head Bassma Kodmani at the 2012 Bilderberg conference clearly indicates that power brokers at the elite confab will be discussing the effort to topple President Bashar Al-Assad and install a NATO-friendly administration in the violence-stricken country.
    Syria Regime Change On Bilderberg Agenda

    Kodmani is the Head of Foreign Affairs with the SNC, a coalition of Syrian opposition groups based in Istanbul, Turkey. While at the Bilderberg meeting she will be in the company of the likes of former Secretary of State and accused war criminal Henry Kissinger, warhawk Richard Perle, and Thomas E. Donilon, National Security Advisor for the Obama White House.

    Having overseen numerous wars during his tenure in the White House, Kissinger is a staunch advocate of so-called “humanitarian” interventions. Before last year’s toppling of Colonel Gaddafi, he advocated a U.S. ground invasion of Libya.

    During last year’s Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland, members discussed expanding the war in Libya. Four months later, Gaddafi was killed and the country was under the control of NATO-backed rebels and the National Transitional Council of Libya. 

  • denk writes:
    June 5th, 20121:57 amat

    Kevin Herbert
    *If I were the Chinese or Indonesian Governments, I wouldn’t trust Australia in any way…we are a pathetic client State of the US Trotskyite neocons.*

    +Australia’s role is especially curious. Its economy relies heavily on China. Yet Canberra has yet to see an anti-China trade and military alliance in Asia that it did not like. This constant reluctance to accept China as an important Asian nation is getting ridiculous+

  • denk writes:
    June 6th, 20124:31 pmat

    syria just the appetiser ?

  • Dino not to be confused with writes:
    June 7th, 20125:22 pmat

    Hello Syd,
    Josh Frydenberg has written a piece on the ABC The Drum website today. I have sent a comment. Hopefully they will print it. Keep up your work. It is one of the few sane and counter balanced places I can find.
    Best Wishes

  • brian writes:
    June 8th, 20129:54 pmat

    this is amazing: reported by journalist Anhar Kochneva:

    High Tragedy meets low farce in FSA syria terroism:
    Jerry Dandridge
    Posted June 7, 2012 at 1:13 PM
    There are a lot of soldiers of fortune among the bandits. They are Chechens, Romanians, French, Libyans, and Afghans. Moreover, there was a very funny accident with Afghan soldiers. A few Afghans were caught and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ They replied, ‘We were told that we came to Israel, and at night we are shooting at Israeli buses. We are fighting with the enemy to liberate Palestine.’ It might be funny, but it is true. The guys were really surprised, ‘Are we in Syria? We thought we were in Israel!’

  • Paul writes:
    June 11th, 20129:09 amat

    Syria is the gateway to the Zionists’ real target: Iran. Iran is treaty-bound to support Syria militarily in the event of an attack. This is why so much effort is being expended trying to mount a NATO “intervention”. It would allow the attack on Iran that those bloodthirsty, murderous Israelis want so bad.

    • Mark writes:
      June 14th, 20121:33 amat

      It appears that Israel has America locked in Paul.

      • Paul writes:
        June 15th, 20128:58 amat

        Once you look into our politicians’ free trips to Israel sponsored by the treasonous grub Albert Dadon in Melbourne you see that we too are locked in.

  • Mark writes:
    June 14th, 20121:30 amat
  • Salman writes:
    July 15th, 20127:27 pmat

    Very heartened to read all your intelligent comments,we must organise and speak up to expose the travesty of this madness.The sickening act of throwing out Syrian Diplomats and trashing the Embassy are all same script used in shutting out any sane voice,like they did with Libya.
    There is a group on fb Australians for Syria,Ive requested several times that we should meet and forcefully hackle the media to stop their hypocritic decetful lies,but no one replied.Can you guys seriously work on this..yesterdays Age front page was sickening-a photo of fertilizer being unloaded in a city in Pakistan,with shit caption that this fertilizer will be used by Taliban to make bombs.
    These sick journos need to be asked if they could also cover front page with detailed photos of their savage terrorists being armed and trained by lovely cia/mi6/mossad to continue destruction of Syria.

  • Hiba writes:
    July 15th, 20127:47 pmat

    An excellent analysis! As a Syrian who has been following the crisis in my country very closely, I agree with every word you said!! Please keep up the good work

    • Salman writes:
      July 30th, 20128:52 pmat

      Excellent Syd,awhile ago Kevin Brecken the head of Maritime union called into John Faine and wanted to
      talk about the massive deceit and cover up of 911 investigation.This faine fellow wouldnt let Kevin put a square word out,kept cutting him.Faine is not just arrogant but a liar.He lied throughout the Great Rape of Libya and is remorselessly repeating this trickery on Syria.
      You get in touch with Kevin and hound this fellow out of his denial.

  • daggett writes:
    July 25th, 20129:54 amat

    An Open letter to Jon Faine

    On Tuesday 24 of July I phoned Jon Faine’s ABC local Melbourne Radio 774 program in an attempt to put a view about Syria to his listeners that was different to what had so far been put to them by Jon Faine and the corporate newsmedia. I had phoned once earlier in the morning and was told to ring back at 10:20AM. When I did I was put on hold for 20 minutes until the listeners’ open line ended at 11:00AM . I was then told to ring back tomorrow. I intend to do so, but have decided to also put this letter to Jon Faine on the public record on the Internet.

    Dear John Faine,

    On your ABC Local Melbourne Radio 774 Morning program you have depicted the long-running conflict in Syria, as you did the Libyan conflict of last year, as a popular uprising against the supposedly brutal supposed dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad.

    For my part, I have extensively researched the Syrian conflict, for example on the site Global Research, the URL of which I texted you on Wednesday 18 July[1]. I have found all of the claims made against the Syrian government to have been fabrications conjured up on behalf of the US Government, NATO, Arab dictatorships, Israel and the corporate interests they serve.

    The truth about Syria is that its government enjoys the support of most of its people. It seems more than likely to me that this is because, unlike the governments of its enemies including the US, Canada, and their European NATO allies, the Arab dictatorships and Israel, it has acted in past years to put the interests of its people ahead of international corporations.

    Given that the leaders of the countries sponsoring the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists in Syria are known have lied repeatedly[2] through the past two decades in order to provide pretexts to wage illegal wars against Iraq and Afghanistan in which many hundreds of thousands have died, I fail to understand how you have come to so uncritically accept the latest collection of fabrications by these same proven liars.

    Even if you are unable to see through the lies against the Syrian government at least you cannot be unaware that others, including me, hold views which are different to yours. So why not give others a chance to express a different view to your listeners and let them make up their own minds? Surely, if you are confident that your own point of view is backed up by evidence and logic then what have you to fear from free and open discussion on your program?

    See also

    Who is fighting in Syria?

    of 24 July by Thierry Meyssan on

    Though the Western press portrays the Free Syrian Army as an armed revolutionary group, for more than a year Thierry Meyssan has affirmed that it is on the contrary a counter-revolutionary body. According to him, it would have progressively passed from the hands of reactionary monarchies in the Gulf to those of Turkey, acting for NATO. Such a non-mainstream affirmation needs demonstrative proof

    US Prepares For Direct Intervention in Syria of 22 July by Thierry Meyssan on candobetter.


    8:40AM, 25 July 2012: I have posted this open letter to te ABC radio contact form. Then I phoned 1300 222 774 and spoke to Jon Faine’s telephone receptionist. I was told again to ring the open line at 10.35AM unless Jon Faine chose the Syrian conflict as a topic of interest for discussion on his program before then. My name and the topic I wished to discuss would be listed on his computer screen and should Jon Fain decide that Syria was of interest I would be given an opportunity to speak. I pointed out that people who wanted to discuss topics that I consider far less pressing than the threatened breakout of war in Syria, which could easily cost tens of thousands of lives, had been selected by Jon Faine in preference to me yesterday.

    If the Syrian Charge D’Affairs Jawdat Ali — has been expelled from Australia as a consequence of the fabricated claim that the Syrian government had committed the massacre at Houla and if Australia has applied economic sanctions against Syria how could Faine consider the Syrian conflict not of concern to him and his audience?

    She also claimed that Jon Faine had not expressed a personal view on Syria, an absurd claim in my view given that he has uncritically conveyed to his listeners misleading reports about Syria and has, so far, only allowed people who supported the mainstream media deception to speak on his program. A specific example is a Syrian Australian “Michael”, who repeated the mainstream lies about Syria. Syrian Australians of which a majority appear to support the government of Syria have not yet been given a voice by Jon Faine as far as I am aware.


    [1] I texted to Jon Faine on the 18 July: Why not inform yourself & and your listeners of the facts about Syria @ ?

    [2] Two such lies include the incubator babies’ lie of 1990, which was used to gain public acceptance of US plans to wage war against Iraq in 1991 and the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction lie used to provide a pretext to launch the 2003 invasion of Iraq. (Of course, it is beyond the pale, in the respectable circles in which Jon Faine mixes, to even dream of questioning the pretext used to justify the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.)

    • Salman writes:
      July 30th, 20129:09 pmat

      Dagget,good one ok,we have many fronts to fight,sbs has been equally deceitful in its coverage,it has portrayed these racist Al qaida and Salafi terrorists as Olive branch carrying messengers of democracy.
      There Lebanese sheila yara Abou Melhem is doing her bit cheering on these thugs- watch Tuesdays Dateline,Bro Brian Souter and Sister Lina have written heaps on sbs webpage,you must kick in too.
      Here are more facts for you to use:
      1.6000 killed by Libyan air Force was a lie-Russian Sattelite data shows no such air raids at all.
      2.Independent journalists reported from exact locations that western media reported these 6000 air raid victims would be but found it to be crap.
      3.Gaddafi distributed ‘Viagra like’ drug to his soldiers,another piece of mind control lies.
      4.250 killed in Benghazi[in early days]Serbian journalist went to morgues,hospitals and police stations,could count only 54 dead and those were trouble makers that attacked a security post at night.
      What followed in Libya was 30,000 sorties by NATO,bombing the infrastucture to bits,wholescale racist slaughtering of Black skinned people was carried out and the same western media looked the otherway.
      This exact game plan is in motion on Syria.
      Some facts on the ‘bad’ Assad:
      Welcommed 1.8 million Iraqi refugees after the ‘liberation’ of Iraq.
      was blamed for the Hariri murder in Beirut,turned out to be crap,but Sanctions were put on-2007.
      Despite sanctions he reduced Syria’s debt by 3/4 in 8 years.And has very little debt.
      20 million Syrians adore president Bashar,they have a new constitution and a new parliament with high number of female MPs.This whole regime change agenda is a Zionist plot,it stinks to high heaven.

      • daggett writes:
        November 6th, 20128:27 pmat

        A very belated thanks to you, Salman. You may find of interest the following comment, published on my own web-site, but evidently censored from

        The following was posted to the web site of Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Bob Carr. It is ‘awaiting moderation’. Any response from Bob Carr will also be posted here.

        Senator Bob Carr,

        As Susan Dirgham pointed out above, 1.4 million Iraqis have fled to Syria as a result of the illegal wars against Iraq in 1991 and 2003 in which Australia shamefully participated. This is on top of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees who had already fled into Syria. The toll from war and and starvation and disease from sanctions against Iraq in which Australia also participated are at least many hundreds of thousands and probably exceed one million.

        When are those Australian political leaders, whose actions helped to cause that terrible human toll, going to be held to account?

        Why, instead of expelling Syria’s ambassador and imposing sanctions as you did in May, is Australia not sending at least hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to Syria to help them cope with the refugee crisis which Australia helped to create?

        Update, 7.21pm, Tue, 6 Nov, 2012: The above comment is no longer ‘awaiting approval’. It has vanished, in all probability intentionally deleted by Senator Bob Carr. It would appear that Bob Carr has judged real debate and scrutiny of his Government’s actions too high a price to pay to maintain the facade of accountability that he presumably intended to erect when he created Thoughtlines with Bob Carr (aka

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