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March 2011
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Stealing peace for the nth time
March 24th, 2011 by Syd Walker

I haven’t blogged for a while.

In part, it’s because I felt unqualified to comment on the dramatic events in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya .

I’ve visited only one of those countries on a couple of occasions and that was a long while ago. I don’t speak Arabic. I’m disinclined to pitch into complex debates about which I know little. On past experience, it’s a good way of making a fool of myself.

Democracy v 'Tyranny'

Prison Incarceration Rates - international comparison data. Source: Wikipedia March 2011

Anyhow, few indeed could have noticed my absence from the fray. After all, there have been plenty of bloggers sharing their opinions about the remarkable developments in North Africa.

Most, but not quite all, of the English-language bloggers I’ve followed – along with the majority of their remunerated equivalents within the western mainstream media – have been enthusiastic supporters of the ‘revolutions’ that have brought ‘change’ to the region.

They loved the popular revolt in Tunisia. They were spellbound by the subsequent drama of Eygpt’s largely non-violent ‘revolution’.

Now they’re going for the hat-trick – extolling the rebellion in Libya and calling for/supporting western military intervention to save protestor/victims of the Libyan Government of Muammar Gaddafi.

It reminds me of an old joke which I heard many years ago – appropriately enough in London.

I’ll adapt it slightly for the occasion…

The Pifalls of Leaping for Peace: A Cautionary Tale

A salesman with a Cockney accent stands on a man-hole cover. He’s wearing a T-shirt that says ‘Peace, Freedom and Democracy’. Occasionally, for no apparent reason, he leaps up and down shouting”Three!”

A passer-by stops and asks what’s going on. The salesman explains he’s there to “sell the benefits of Peace, Democracy and Freedom” to anyone what wants them.

“How much?” asks the suspicious onlooker.

“Why, nothing at all!” replies the salesman. “In fact, I’ll pay you if you follow my instructions carefully! All you need do is stand where I am now, jump up and down – and shout ‘One!’ nice and loud. There are rewards if you jump high enough!”

Lured by the possibility of winning a prize the passer-bye overcomes his initial misgivings and does what the persuasive salesman suggests. After he’s leapt up and down shouting ‘One’ a few times, the salesman smiles and hands him a five pound note with the word ‘Freedom’ inscribed prominently on it’s surface, in bronze lettering.

“Wow! This IS cool” the punter says to the salesman. What next?

Soon he’s leaping up and down shouting “Two!” – and before he knows it, he’s the delighted new owner of a crisp ten pound note, with ‘Democracy” written in silver ink on both faces.

“I just love this game!” he shouts. “Now what?”

“OK. If you like, go for the hat-trick. Take off your boots and let me hold your bags and wallet so they don’t drag you down” the salesman helpfully suggests. “Now, leap even higher this time – as high as you possibly can – and shout ‘THREE!’ very loud indeed!”

He winks at the enthusiastic punter and adds “By the way, the time you might win the REALLY BIG prize!”

So the mark does what he’s told, leaping higher than ever and bellowing  “Three” at the top of his voice – when quick as a flash the salesman whips away the manhole cover and the hapless sucker disappears deep into the bowels of London’s sewers.

The salesman solemnly replaces the cover, wanders off to his favourite pub to enjoy a hearty snack, then returns and jumps up and down once again on the same spot.

This time he’s shouting “Four!”

References on the Libya Crisis that I’ve found educational

Below are some web references about recent events in Libya, the broader international context and the historical background to the crisis. The links I consider ‘must-visit’ are in bold.

Rather than following the customary practice of listing title, author and date along with a hyperlink, I’ve saved myself a little time by doing a ‘cut and paste’ from some of my recent Twitter comments.

I’ve listed these tweets (sometimes slightly edited), in date order – newest first. They go back around a week, to shortly before the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1973.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you’d like to stay in touch that way.


  • The long history of villifying Arab leaders who get in the way of western imperial & Zionist interests
  • Brand new crazy war for sale! Who wants to own it? USA? (No) NATO? (No) Anyone at all..?
  • Germany pulls out of NATO operations BRAVO GERMANY!
  • ‘Democracy’ v ‘Dictatorship’: US rate of incarcerating prisoners more than three times Libya’s
  • From ‘neocons’ to ‘liberal interventionists’. Stephen Walt on why America’s ‘Change’ is more of the same
  • Week 1: Only 1 in 3 Britons agree with military action in Libya
  • There are still American conservatives who want #peace & constitutional government
  • Keith Harmon Snow’s insightful March 1st essay about Libya
  • Bravo Caroline Lucas for voting AGAINST Britain’s ‘intervention’ in #Libya!!!
  • In 2010 UNDP’s Human Development Index ranked Libya No 1 in Africa.
  • Tam Dalyell: the truths about Lockerbie London & Washington don’t want to hear
  • Victor Ostrovsky (courageous Mossad defector) on how Libya was set up in 1980s
  • The ABC’s Lateline interviewed Hugh Miles but never bothered to ask him about Lockerbie. How careless!
  • As a westerner, it’s shameful that the only guy at NATO HQ talking sense is the Russian envoy
  • World Cheers as the CIA Plunges Libya Into Chaos
  • Britain’s SAS gets new playground for “let’s pretend we’re James Bond” games
  • Bombs for Peace? UN completely disgraced in Libya. Diane Johnstone speaks on Russia Today
  • When non-violent protests began, France offered Tunisian Gov the “world-renowned knowhow of France’s security forces”
  • Ban Ki-Moon & UN Security Council snooze while TWO Bahrain hospitals under siege from gov thugs.
  • Amr Moussa: “What we want is the protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians.”
  • This is why Louis Farrakhan rarely appears on western mainstream media
  • Gadaffi Government was framed over Lockerbie! The view of an honest, now-retired Scottish politican
  • Murdoch’s pictorial explanation re Libya for benefit of British plebs
  • Mr Obama! African Union demands IMMEDIATE halt to Libya attacks! Please listen to Africa STOP BOMBING LIBYA NOW!
  • Fidel Castro, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega, Rafael Correa & Cristina Ferdinez join Hugo Chávez opposing attack on Libya
  • It seems Gadaffi’s Libya didn’t bother to keep one up-to-date English-language website together. Bad mistake!
  • In the unsavory tradition of Christabel Pankhurst. How Obama’s Women Advisers Pushed War Against #Libya
  • Fascinating BBC article re Gadaffi speeches FWIW I think ~50% of Gadaffi’s UN speech is spot on :-)
  • US Dilemma in Libya: To Bomb, Invade, Partition, Or All of the Above
  • When contemplating war, beware of babies in incubators (and dogmatic, conformist journalists)
  • Insightful analysis re attack on Libya by Mary Lynn Cramer
  • Russia ‘regrets’ Libya invasion A tad late, perhaps? I wonder how it was bullied into abstaining in the UNSC?
  • Responding to new ‘Libyan activist’ Twitter accounts is a way to get messages directly to the CIA, MI6 & Mossad [No link with this tweet, but what the heck :-)]
  • It’s not exactly secret that the criminals running western war machine spend OUR $ on social media psy-ops
  • The 46 Zionist warcons who signed the letter to Obama demanding ‘action’ on Libya.
  • ‘The Other Side of Deception’ discusses background to the last (1986) vicious western aerial assault on Libya
  • Russell W. Howe (1925-2008), a real investigative journalist. His 1999 Lockerbie article:
  • 2005 Scotsman article: Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked
  • Revealed: US Spy Operation That Manipulates Social Media | Common Dreams
  • Why’s France so desperate for a quick UNSC decision on Libya? Did Sarkosy take illegal campaign donations?
  • Richard Falk: Will We Ever Learn? Essential reading re UNSC deliberations on Libya
  • Rumoured US position re Libya in UNSC: It amounts to treating UN Charter with contempt
  • Prof Michel Chossudovsky: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d’Etat in Libya?
  • 77% oppose U.S. bombing Libya. Is this Obama’s idea of change??? Bush went to war with public support, Obama without. (RT v @DailyGarriga)
  • Maximilian Forte: “The Libyan Revolution is Dead: Notes for an Autopsy” (RT v 1D4TW)



45 Responses  
  • brian writes:
    March 28th, 201112:01 pmat

    hi syd
    some more info on the war on libya.Did you know the US is aiding the very jihadis that it fights in Afghanistan?

    Gerald Perreira speaks: hear the man who wrote excellent articles on Libya:

    gerald perreiras articles i found helpful:

    He discusses the arab racism in Libya: gadaffi is a pan-africanist.

    human traffickers makeup the toxic mix of east libya:

    stratfor on the Jihadis:

    and Cynthia McKinney:

    meanwhile, the demonisation of gadaffi and Libya has seduced the following lost souls/bloggers into backing the war on Libya:
    Louis Proyect(the Unrepentent marxist), Gilles d’Aymery(of Swans), Jeff blankfort, Mary Rizzo, Pulsemedia,, Juan Cole, Angry Arab.,,etc etc

    • Syd Walker writes:
      March 28th, 201112:23 pmat

      Thanks Brian. Very useful to build up a list of these counter-orthodox articles.

      Of all the people you list as being ‘seduced’ by the anti-Gaddafi hype, Jeff Blankfurt is the one who surprises me most. He is surely too old to be conned. Very odd and – to me – most disappointing. See my comments at the bottom of this article – to which Jeff has yet to respond:

      This is so obviously another media-facilitated Zionist hustle one really has to wonder about the intelligence of some of the folk who support the latest attack with overwhelming force on an Arab / Muslim country. Australian Greens leaders Bob Brown and Christine Milne, to their shame, have jumped abord the war bandwagon. They don’t reply to my messages, so my request about whether they know (or care) whether depleted uranium is being dropped on Libya go answered.

      Very sad – but let’s at any rate we can celebrate the quality of some of the fine independent spirits who are resisting this latest episode in the saga of Imperialism 2.0

      Cynthia McKinney’s Facebook entry, while somewhat discursive, re-affirms my view she’s that the most impressive spokesperson on the green side of politics, worldwide.

      • brian writes:
        March 28th, 20119:48 pmat

        First FYI and emergency:
        Open Letter From Russian Doctors In Libya To The President Of The Russian Federation

        2nd Blankfort twice showed his disdain for Gadaffi, commmenting on a ICH(Information clearting house) article:

        and an article on the david rothscum blog:
        ‘Jeff Blankfort said…

        If you are going to compare Libya’s economic situation with other countries, please be honest and do so with other oil producing countries in the region, not with corrupt and impoverished Sub-Saharan Africa.

        To say hat the CIA is behind the uprising in Libya is more of the kind of bullshit that arises from a US Left that is incapable of building any movement but like Washington, thinks it knows better what is good for the rest of the world. In a word it is both patronizing and racist. None of your statistics has any relevance to the current situation in Libya and the notion that the LIbyan people are rich because Khadafi shares the wealth with them is more nonsense.

        How come you didn’t mention that the US prevented a coup against Khadafi in the early 70s which was reported in detail in a long two part article in the London Observer in 1973? You don’t know it because it has been erased from history How he alone broke the Arab oil embargo against the US in 1973? How he hired ex-CIA agents Ed Wilson and Frank Terpil to get him weapons and explosives? How he had “disappeared” and apparently murdered the popular humanist Lebanese Shia imam, Moussa Sadr in 1978 whose outreach to the other religious faiths in Lebanon formed the basis of the present close ties between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, the largest Maronite Christian party in Lebanon?

        Finally, what kind of a critter is a president who hires mercenaries from other countries for his army? What makes Khadafi any different than the king of Bahrain? Except the latter stopped killing the people.
        February 28, 2011 12:27 AM
        D.R. said…

        @Jeff Blankort

        “If you are going to compare Libya’s economic situation with other countries, please be honest and do so with other oil producing countries in the region, not with corrupt and impoverished Sub-Saharan Africa.”


        he makes more comments below this one….

        this article, which has been printed now by Global Research and others aroused the ire of Blankfort to fever pitch. In his mind, Gadaffi is set up as the devil incarnate.

        CIA and uprising, jeff cant have read this ACORN piece

        Cynthia McKinney shows herself a far better class of person:

  • brian writes:
    March 28th, 201112:02 pmat

    forgot the Stratfor article on the LIFG:

    these are the jihadis back from afghanistan,now being aided and funded by the US/NATO

  • brian writes:
    March 28th, 201110:02 pmat

    on Cynthia Mckinney..shes been to Libya, and seen things first hand. as she mentions in her article.

    its been noted round the net that many left wing have been seduced by this new war, beacuse Gadaffi is so thoroughly demonised and little known.
    I as banned bhy Louis Proyect on speaking on Libya in his blogs comments…also blocke from Moonofalabama:

    ‘As for “brian” who I blocked and who’s comments I partially deleted. He vandalized this and other blogs earlier under the moniker “wadosi” (thanks to b real for waking me up to that). He is known in the blogsphere as the troll he is.’
    as a matter of fact, ‘wadosi’ is not me!

    however i was able to post there today….so maybe that was temporary…

  • brian writes:
    March 28th, 201110:07 pmat

    The Greens are as badly informed as most who listen only to the MSM
    Youd do better to show them Cynthia McKinneys article and get her to speak to them or vice versa..she have more weight.

  • brian writes:
    March 28th, 201110:13 pmat

    on clueless leftists:

    id also recommend a reada of gadaffis green book, with its very interetsing ideas on party ‘democracy’…ive read it.

    ‘The party is a contemporary form of dictatorship. It is the modern instrument of dictatorial government. The party is the rule of a part over the whole. As a party is not an individual, it creates a superficial democracy by establishing assemblies, committees, and propaganda through its members. The party is not a democratic instrument because it is composed only of those people who have common interests, a common perception or a shared culture; or those who belong to the same region or share the same belief. They form a party to achieve their ends, impose their will, or extend the dominion of their beliefs, values, and interests to the society as a whole. A party’s aim is to achieve power under the pretext of carrying out its program. Democratically, none of these parties should govern a whole people who constitute a diversity of interests, ideas, temperaments, regions and beliefs. The party is a dictatorial instrument of government that enables those with common outlooks or interests to rule the people as a whole. Within the community, the party represents a minority.’

  • brian writes:
    March 29th, 201112:20 pmat

    jeff blankfort in a nice display of unconscious irony attacks those who support Libya:

    i assume redress is also a leftist site unwittingly in the imperial camp.

    you may like to email both with criticisms

  • Nick writes:
    March 30th, 20117:23 amat

    Syd says :

    “I haven’t blogged for a while.
    In part, it’s because I felt unqualified to comment on the dramatic events in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya “.

    I am glad you did admit to being unqualified to comment, although it probably didn’t take you too long to come to the predictable conclusion that this was just another Zionist,MOSSAD,CIA conspiracy.

    I thought I’d be open-minded and plow my way through the mountain of material you provided.

    I selected “keith harmon snow” and halfway through his article i stumbled on the throw-away line ;

    “The US CIA brought down the Lockerbie Pan Am 103 flight over Scotland in 1988 and blamed this on Gaddafi”

    No supporting evidence, no references, just a statement of fact. So I didn’t bother with the rest of his article or your other links. Keep preaching to the converted, Syd, it will get you nowhere.



    • brian writes:
      March 30th, 20118:02 amat

      try a litle harder Nick:

      US /NATO bombing is killing civilians..they claim they arent(just as they killed no civilians in iraq or afghanistan):

      ‘Bombs and rockets struck residential houses and fell near the hospital. The glass of the Cardiac Center building was broken, and in the building of the maternity ward for pregnant women with heart disease a wall collapsed and part of the roof. This resulted in ten miscarriages whereby babies died, the women are in intensive care, doctors are fighting for their lives. Our colleagues and we are working seven days a week, to save people. This is a direct consequence of falling bombs and missiles in residential buildings resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries, which are operated and reviewed now by our doctors. Such a large number of wounded and killed, as during today, did not result during the total of all the riots in Libya. And this is called “protecting the civilian population”?
      With full responsibility as witnesses and participants of what is happening, we state that the United States and its allies are thus carrying out genocide against the Libyan people – as was the case in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq’

      • Nick writes:
        March 30th, 201111:31 amat

        The governments of Libya,Egypt,Yemen,Jordan,Iran,Syria and many others are locking up, wounding and killing their own civilians by the thousands.

        Why don’t you write about that for a change? Or write about what the Russians did in Chechnya, or the Chinese in Tibet ?

        No matter how many obscure links you post here, you have no credibility.

        Syd has just dismissed an old favourite of his” Jeff Blankfurt”, because he doesn’t agree with Syd’s views on Libya.

        Well, maybe you and Syd are wrong, Brian.

        Has that ever occurred to you ?

        • brian writes:
          March 30th, 20118:21 pmat

          Libya: meet the ‘rebels’

          the same guys who killed in afgahnistan now have US air support!LOLOL

          jeffs views on libya…are based on nothing.Like Yours, nick they show no knwowledge of Libya east or west.

          what interests me is why white westerners, who hardly know where Libya is or cared, suddenly have a fascination in seeing the country destroyed by US and jihadis coworkers?

          naturallly Nick is sick of seeing his jiadhi buddies trashed, so he says Oh look here at tibet and Chechnya! LOLOL what a CARD!

          • Syd Walker writes:
            March 30th, 20118:52 pmat

            Exactly right Brian.

            I’ve become a big fan of Maximilian Forte;s website Zero Anthopology.

            Max has some choice things to say about “5-minute” experts who know bombing is ESSENTIAL to protect civilians in (fill in the blank… this week’s it’s Libya)


            In Nick’s case – and I speculate – I think Nick is more a team player. He’s no recent dupe of the war brigade. He’s on the team. I may be wrong Nick, but I think it likely you also supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – and spoke up for Israel during the 2006 attack on Lebanon and the 2008/9 massacre of Gazans?

            I particularly recommend:

            The Humanitarian-Militarist Project and the Production of Empire in Libya


            Libya and the Passive Repeaters: Deploying Depleted Information Warheads

            Jonathan Azaziah is also in top form – see

            Libya: The Zionist Dragon and The Drums of War

            • Nick writes:
              March 31st, 20117:32 amat

              Speculating indeed Syd.

              Not a team player, Zionist or israeli or even a “hasbara” .Just an individual who likes to think for himself and does not buy all your crazy conspiracy theories.

              I did not support the invasion of Iraq of Afghanistan. I have a special fondness for Afghanistan as I spent 3 months in that country a long time ago.So you presumed wrong, yet again.

              My main objection to you and the likes of Brian is that you are constantly hammering the USA and Israel (and at times rightly so) for the damage they are inflicting on others , but that you will never speak up about the damage many autocratic, dictatorial and fascist regimes all over the world inflict on their own people.

              You even defend some of these odious regimes, like Iran. You even go as far as denying that these things are happening, which makes you as bad as those you constantly accuse of falsifying the facts.

              This, in my eyes, gives you zilch credibility and shows that you are enormously biased.

              Lockerbie indeed remains an unsolved crime. However in the link you provided it was stated as a fact that the CIA was behind it. And that is of course very convenient. There are plenty of gullible people out there who will uncritically believe it.

              It’s dishonest, Syd. That’s all there is to it !

          • Nick writes:
            March 31st, 20117:51 amat

            Brian writes :

            “naturallly Nick is sick of seeing his jiadhi buddies trashed, so he says Oh look here at tibet and Chechnya! LOLOL what a CARD!”

            My Jihadi buddies ? I have no idea what you are talking about , Brian. You sound confused.

            Are you actually able to formulate an opinion about these issues without posting all sort of obscure links to articles written by people hardly anyone has ever heard of ?

            Do you condone what’s been happening in Tibet and Chechnya ? Are you only concerned about violence committed by the USA and Israel and conveniently turn a blind eye when it does not fit in with your world view ?

            Do you have first hand knowledge of Libya ? Been there, studied it ? Or do you rely on the opinions and articles of others that you select at random ? Then post lots of links to show the world how well-read you are.

            “LOLOL”. I am glad for you that you think this is a laughing matter. I think it is very tragic. You are a sick man. Do you have any concern about the civilians that are being killed by Gadaffi or are you only worried about the ones that are killed by “Western” forces ?

            “White” Westerners, Brian ? Been in Europe lately ? If you had, you would have noticed a enormous change in the composition of so-called “Westerners”. There are many “no-white “Westerners” nowadays. Seems like you’re a bit out of touch.

            “Jihadis from Afghanistan” ? How about African mercenaries on the other side. Care to mention them too ? Maybe not so convenient.

            Brian, you haven’t got a clue, so stop exposing yourself for the fool you are.

            • brian writes:
              March 31st, 20118:48 pmat

              its just you seem ready to defend your jihadi buddies by deflectring attention elsewhere..thats what good buddies do.
              Ive not been to Libya..but this man has:
              and he knows a lot about Libya

              HRW said they couldnt find any african mercenaries….and there are no named sources for this story…which seems an attempt to defame Gadaffi.

              Yes its tragic..your defence of mass murdering jijhadis and americans is tragic.

              Gadaffis not killing civilians,nor has he hired mercenaries.
              But i cant vouch for the US/NATO peace bombers:
              these doctors in libya tell us what the peace bombers have ben up to

            • Nick writes:
              April 1st, 20117:08 amat

              “My” Jihadi buddies, Brian ? If these are the same people who are killing NATO troops in Afghanistan and possibly Australian troops as well, aren’t they your Jihadi buddies. Isn’t that the sort of thing you support ?

              As for defaming Gadaffi.. Are you serious ?

              And you don’t think it is tragic that Gadaffi kills his own people, just like the fascists that rule Syria and Iran ?

              Well, you can deny it as much as you want. It just shows that you are willing to distort the truth and cannot be taken serious. But I knew that already.

        • brian writes:
          April 1st, 20119:07 pmat

          Nick, Gadaffi is not killing Libyan citizens…and you cant show evidence that he is…BUT these guys, the ‘humanitarian’ interventionists are:

          US-NATO bombings kill civilians in Tripoli
          By Bill Van Auken
          1 April 2011

          US-NATO air strikes on Tripoli and other Libyan cities have claimed growing numbers of civilian victims, according to the Vatican’s top representative in the Libyan capital.

          The report represents a severe blow to the attempts by Washington and its NATO allies, backed by the overwhelming majority of the Western media, to dismiss the Libyan government’s claims of civilian casualties as “propaganda” and portray the continuous air raids as a “humanitarian” defense of the population.

          “The so-called humanitarian air raids have taken the lives of dozens of civilians in various areas of Tripoli,” Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli told Agenzia Fides, the Vatican news service.

          “Of particular concern, in the district of Buslim, a building collapsed because of the bombing killing 40 people,” he said “Yesterday I reported that the bombing had affected some hospitals, albeit indirectly. I can now confirm that one of these hospitals is in Misda,” a town about 110 miles south of Tripoli.

          The Euronews television channel reported that a bombing raid on an ammunition dump in Misda had caused damage to the hospital and nearby homes, wounding at least 13 civilians

          Their lie that they were bombing to protect civilians was always abrazen fraud..Only the Nicks of the world would believe them.
          So the evidence is clear : Gadaffi is not killking civiliansUS/NATO are…the ‘rebels’ are a toxic mix of jihadis, freemarketeers and neo-monarchists in a tribal mix.

    • Syd Walker writes:
      March 30th, 20119:12 pmat

      Nick, Keith Harman Snow’s article may not have given chapter and verse on Lockerbie, nor do I intend to do so here. But I have read quite deeply on the subject and I have little doubt his conclusion is essentially correct. There may have been other players involved, but this was an intelligence agency ‘inside’ job.

      Critics of the official narrative are many and include people of high credibility with little reason to lie. The (now retired) Labour MP Tam Dalyell took a personal interest in the case. The disaster happened within his constituency. He has no doubt that Libya was framed, although he’s not unequivocal about who was responsible.

      In 2005 a Scottish police chief made a sworn statement that key evidence used at the trial of the two Libyans had been planted by the CIA.

      Susan Lindauer’s very recent article in Veterans Today is also well worth a read – although visit VT with a garlic neckace as long as Gordon Duff is still churning out pro-war hype. Gordon, it seems, has gone to the dark side; perhaps he was always was over there? What a shame.

      Here’s Lindauer’s article:

      Of course, none of this ‘proves’ that Mr Snow’s article is accurate in entirety. Lockerbie remains an unsolved crime. Justice has been obstructed.

      But it does indicate there’s a much more substantial and credible body of opinion in Snow’s favour on the issue of CIA involvement than you – or the mainstream western media – would have us believe.

      • Nick writes:
        March 31st, 20119:49 amat

        Syd Walker says :

        “In Nick’s case – and I speculate – I think Nick is more a team player. He’s no recent dupe of the war brigade. He’s on the team”.

        Syd, I think you are displaying signs of paranoia. That might explain your fascination with conspiracy theories.

        No team, organisation or anything. Just a free-thinking individual objecting to some of the falsehoods and nonsense you are spreading.


        Peace, salam,shalom !

        • Syd Walker writes:
          March 31st, 201111:00 amat

          I made it clear I was speculating Nick.

          However, I did not make insinuations about your personal habits, state of mental health, sexuality or other such scuttlebutt. No more commentary like that please. Stick to the issues.

          Perhaps you found it offensive I suggested you might be on the Hasbara team? If my query is indeed wide of the mark, I apologise. It is not, however, an unreasonable speculation. The existence of co-ordinated teams of Zionists (and other kindred networks) using social media to push their partisan agenda is scarcely a secret.

          See for example:

          • Nick writes:
            March 31st, 201112:48 pmat


            I assure you that am not on any Hasbara team and your query is as wide off the mark as can be , but I accept your apology. I am not a member of any organisation supporting Israel or any other country, nor of any political, Zionist or ethnic group.

            I am just an individual with a mind of my own, acting alone.


            Now back to the issue and the reason I object to so much of the stuff you publish here and on other blogs :

            You are constantly hammering the USA and Israel (and at times rightly so) for the damage they are inflicting on others , but that you will never speak up about the damage many autocratic, dictatorial and fascist regimes all over the world inflict on their own people, like Iran, Syria, Libya…

  • brian writes:
    April 1st, 20118:03 amat

    to start a new thread:
    ‘And you don’t think it is tragic that Gadaffi kills his own people, just like the fascists that rule Syria and Iran ?’

    thats just it…hes not killing his own people..any more than the Aust govt would if it put down an armed rebellion.
    You keep up the pretence the ‘rebels’ are unarmed peaceful citizens.
    here is what they are:

    And of course the racism in east libya among the rebels who are killing black afriacans:

    clear, Nick?

    NOW lets meet Gadaffi:

    clear Nick?
    But then you are happy to demonise a man you know nothing about other than that you hate him. Thats what the media assault has created in your little mind

    • Nick writes:
      April 1st, 20113:47 pmat

      I don’t hate Gadaffi, Brian and if you want to hero worship him, then that’s fine by me. It’s not really that personal for me.

      I am not talking about the killing of the so-called rebels. And I never said that those rebels were unarmed citizens. You’re jumping to all sort of strange conclusions.

      I was talking about the killing of Libyan civilians before all this trouble started. But of course that never happened in this peaceful land of milk and honey ruled by the benevolent Gadafffi. Or maybe it did ?

      Do you think there is only racism in East Libya, Brian ? You might find it is more wide-spread than that. Actually, it is probably fair to say that racism is fairly common across the entire Arab world. Racism against blacks, whites, Jews,Asians, their own minorities.. have a look how guest workers are being treated in the oil states.

      I’m sure you mean well, but you seem fairly naive about it all.

      Anyway, it doesn’t matter what you or I think.

      Hopefully the Libyan people will get a chance to decide for themselves what sort of government they want. And I hope that that will not be a government run by a manic dictator or an islamic fundamentalist or some Western puppet.

      • Nick writes:
        April 1st, 20117:46 pmat

        P.S. Brian, Why are all the rats leaving the sinking Libyan ship, if Gadaffi is so great ?

        • Syd Walker writes:
          April 1st, 20118:01 pmat

          Libyan Ministers considering trips to Britain to broker peace would do well to meditate on the fate of Rudolf Hess.

          • Nick writes:
            April 2nd, 20118:44 amat

            Interesting comparison Syd.

            In that case Gadaffi might do well to consider Adolf Hitler’s fate..

            • brian writes:
              April 2nd, 201111:26 amat

              Gadaffi is not Hitler,Nick..but youd be a good stand in for Goerbels!

            • Syd Walker writes:
              April 2nd, 20114:17 pmat

              David Cameron seems to think he’s Winston Churchill… or is it Anthony Eden?

  • brian writes:
    April 1st, 20119:31 pmat

    FYI SYd and Nick!

    No concrete number of total victims has been reported in the news, though Onwuchekwa Jemie– a Nigerian journalist– claims the number of black Africans slaughtered to be in the thousands. The Financial Times mentioned one black African who was threatened by rebel sympathizers who told him he would be murdered once Gaddafi is overthrown and the rebels take complete control over the country.

    THAT will be the Libya Nick can expect the ‘rebels’ to create

    • Nick writes:
      April 2nd, 20119:42 amat

      Brian, if that is the case, then I agree with you. It’s truly horrific and it shows us that there are serious, long suppressed racial problems in Libya.

      Equally horrific is the slaughter of thousands of black Africans by other black African right across the African continent.

      But I suppose it is not convenient to talk about THAT.

      • brian writes:
        April 2nd, 201111:22 amat

        nick, if you want to bang on about blacks on black violence elsewhere, thats your call,,,just dont act as Brendan o’neill has written:

        – — They’re back. Having spent the past 10 years pretending to be anti-war – describing the attack on Iraq as ‘criminal’ and the war in Afghanistan as ‘a trifle ill-judged’ – the liberal and left-wing set that originally invented the idea of ‘humanitarian warfare’ in the 1990s are once more at the forefront of public debate. They’ve cast off the anti-imperialist garb that they temporarily donned to make their disappointment with Blair and their snobbish disdain for Bush appear principled, to reveal that, underneath, there lurk the same old laptop bombardiers keen to visit their moralistic fury upon some wayward nation. This time they have Libya in their sights.

        • Nick writes:
          April 4th, 20118:25 pmat

          I rest my case… you’re just not interested unless it is within your small area of interest.

    • Syd Walker writes:
      April 23rd, 20115:03 amat

      Again, thanks for an astonishing reference Brian.

      Here a couple in return.

      Mr Obama. Why have you stolen $30 billion from #Africa? (links to an article by Jean-Paul Pougala on Libya in African context)

      Maximilian Forte: War in Libya – Race, ‘Humanitarianism’ & the Media

  • brian writes:
    April 2nd, 201111:45 pmat

    did u know:

    ‘As Asia Times Online has reported, a full Arab League endorsement of a no-fly zone is a myth. Of the 22 full members, only 11 were present at the voting. Six of them were Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members, the US-supported club of Gulf kingdoms/sheikhdoms, of which Saudi Arabia is the top dog. Syria and Algeria were against it. Saudi Arabia only had to “seduce” three other members to get the vote.

    Translation: only nine out of 22 members of the Arab League voted for the no-fly zone. The vote was essentially a House of Saud-led operation, with Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa keen to polish his CV with Washington with an eye to become the next Egyptian President.

    Thus, in the beginning, there was the great 2011 Arab revolt. Then, inexorably, came the US-Saudi counter-revolution .’

    • Syd Walker writes:
      April 3rd, 20117:24 pmat

      Yes, I did see that report by Pablo Escobar. It’s very important and I hope more journalists follow up on the story. It’s really quite explosive. I could never understand how the Arab League signed off on the NFZ so easily. Now it seems that in reality it didn’t.

      It would also be interesting to know how the votes of South Africa and the Lebanon were garnered in the UNSC. Bribes, threats, horse trading or blackmail?

      It does seem odd to me the so-called Special Tribunal for Lebanon has yet to release its report – a release expected for some time now. Last year that was widely seen as the wildcard that could throw the middle east into turmoil. Then the spooks dug deep in their box of tricks and came up with other jokers…

  • brian writes:
    April 10th, 20114:39 pmat

    FYI syd
    Must reads

    ‘He also quotes Alan Kuperman, an associate professor at the University of Texas’ Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, as having said,

    Qadhafi did not massacre civilians in any of the other big cities he captured — Zawiya, Misrata, Ajdabiya — which together have a population equal to Benghazi. Yes, civilians were killed in a typical, ham-handed, Third World counterinsurgency. But civilians were not targeted for massacre as in Rwanda, Darfur, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bosnia, or even Kosovo after NATO intervention.

    Chapman also wrote,

    I emailed the White House press office several times asking for concrete evidence of the danger, based on any information the administration may have. But a spokesman declined to comment.

    That’s a surprising omission, given that a looming holocaust was the centerpiece of the president’s case for war. Absent specific, reliable evidence, we have to wonder if the president succumbed to unwarranted panic over fictitious dangers.

    and Gadaffi on the UNSC:

    and Gadaffis Memoirs:

  • brian writes:
    April 18th, 20118:39 amat

    FYI syd:

    free libyan girl’s message to NATO

    her name is Zuhra, i found it online

    • Nick writes:
      April 20th, 20119:34 amat

      ” brian writes:i found it online”

      It must be true then !

      I found this on-line, it might bring a tear to your eye

      There are plenty of naive sweet little girls all over the world who glorify their leaders, Brian. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to uncover some footage of a sweet little girl singing the praises of Pol Pot or even Richard Nixon.

      Were you seriously trying to make the point that Gadaffi enjoys wide-spread support from his people with this meaningless video clip ?

      And why is Gadaffi now blaming Al-Qaida for the uprising ? I thought it was all down to some Western-Zionist conspiracy.

      • brian writes:
        April 22nd, 20113:09 pmat

        yes nick its true…but you wish it werent..You prefer the cuddly swweet insurgents….such as analysed in this excellent arrticle:

        ‘One of the most fertile sites for the international production of myths of savage African mercenaries has been Twitter, among other social network sites, in ways that bring back to mind the manner in which Twitter was used to spread misinformation at the time of the June 2009 Iran election protests. The problem is not that the site is an outlet for creative imaginations, but that some of the mainstream media source Twitter for their reports, in the absence of correspondents on the ground. The Independent’s Michael Mumisa observed that “foreign media outlets have had to rely mostly on unverified reports posted on social network websites and on phone calls from Libyans terrified of Gaddafi’s ‘savage African mercenaries who are going door-to-door raping our women and attacking our children’,” and he speaks of “a Twitter user based in Saudi Arabia,” who “wrote how Gaddafi is ‘ordering african (sic) mercenaries to break into homes in Benghazi to RAPE (sic) Libyan women in order to detract (sic) men protesters!'” The New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick, in one of the few sober pieces analyzing the Libyan opposition, noted that “like the chiefs of the Libyan state news media, the rebels feel no loyalty to the truth in shaping their propaganda, claiming nonexistent battlefield victories, asserting they were still fighting in a key city days after it fell to Qaddafi forces, and making vastly inflated claims of his barbaric behavior.”

        • Nick writes:
          April 25th, 20118:06 amat


          You have established that there is a lot of racism in Libya. Apparently people are so racist that it only takes a rumour about alleged African mercenaries to turn otherwise peaceful people into murderous lynch mobs.

          You are good at quoting others and spreading propaganda, not so good at doing proper research.

          Here is some more from the same source you used. This does not really rhyme with your previous post concerning hero worship of Gadaffi.

          When all is done and dusted you are on the record for supporting this fool.

          Hezbollah lashed out Monday at the “crimes committed by the Gaddafi regime” in Libya.
          “Anyone with honor and consciousness in this world cannot, and should not, keep silent on the massacres that the Gaddafi regime is committing across the country on a daily basis, especially in Benghazi.  Terror and violence do not protect a regime that was founded on corruption and crime, from the will and determination of a people that has taken its decisive decision,” a Hezbollah statement read.
          “Hezbollah firmly condemns crimes committed by the Gaddafi regime against the oppressed Libyan people.  We also offer our sincere condolences to the families of those who were unjustly killed, just for demanding their rights.  Hezbollah expresses support to the revolutionists in Libya and we pray that they will triumph over this arrogant tyrant,” the statement added.
          “The criminality of this tyrant had first struck us deeply as Lebanese, when he kidnapped the Imam of the resistance Sayyed Moussa Sadr with his two dear companions.  We ask Almighty Allah that the honorable revolutionists in Libya would be able to liberate Imam Sadr and his companions, just as they would be able to free Libya from all of its chains,” the statement concluded.

          • Syd Walker writes:
            April 25th, 201112:30 pmat

            Nick, you deceptively began the extract you quoted with “Hezbollah lashed out Monday”. You neglected to mention the date: 21st February – when there was more focus on Egypt than Libya and many around the world were fooled into imagining that Libyan ‘rebels’ were non-violent activists like the heroes of Egypt and Tunisia.

            I cannot easily locate a more recent reference to Hezbollah’s view on Libya, but didn’t spend long on the task. Perhaps you have one? There are report in April that Hezbollah agents are fighting with the rebels. Sounds like ‘fog of war’ stuff to me.

            • Nick writes:
              April 26th, 20118:16 amat

              Syd, no deception was intended. I will try to find a more recent opinion by Hezbollah, if I can. Both the PFLP and Hezbollah must be very misinformed on this issue then. Maybe they are misinformed and deceptive on other issues (like Israel) as well ? Anything could happen in the fog of war and the war of propaganda.

              This is what the PFLP had to say :

              PFLP Condemns the Gaddafi Regime’s Massacres against the Libyan People
              by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
              22 February 2011
              The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demanded an immediate end to the bombardment and massacres against the heroic Libyan people, condemning the killing of demonstrators committed by the Gaddafi regime.
              The PFLP demanded the protection of the Libyan people and their rights, and emphasized its support for the demands of the people of Libya and the Arab masses for freedom, human and national dignity, democracy, social justice, and the fight against corruption and dictatorship.
              The Front demanded an immediate end to the bloody aggression and oppression and called upon all forces for rights and human dignity in the Arab world and relevant international institutions to act immediately to stop the shedding of Arab blood in the fields and streets of Libya, saying that the criminal regime cares for nothing but its own rule and livelihood at the expense of the enslavement of the homeland and its people.
              The Front called for broad humanitarian and national solidarity with the people of Libya, calling upon all to participate in the rally called for by the Network of NGOs and National and Islamic Forces in Manara Square in Ramallah, calling for an end to occupation and division and solidarity with the Arabs in Libya and the Arab masses in all countries.


            • Nick writes:
              April 26th, 20119:38 amat

              Syd, it seems that Hezbollah is still of the same view. There are also many reports of Hezbollah fighters supporting the “rebels”.

              Funny you felt compelled to answer on Brian’s behalf.

              Hezbollah’s stance of course is very inconvenient for some of the posters here, because it makes a total mockery of their so-called “insights”.

              Hezbollah leader Hassaan Nasrallah, a constant critic of American policy, secular Arab states, Israel and everyone but Hamas and Iran is wadding into the discussion.  Interestingly Nasrallah is on the same side as the UN and the Arab League – he opposes Gaddafi.  However, he does not support the military action by the UN and some Arab states – instead he is offering another way – Hezbollah’s support..  Hezbollah’s support,  although Nasrallah does not say it, would include money and weapons from Iran.  Showing that he is a student of European intervention in the Middle East  he uses the “great game” metaphor that was applied to the contest between Russia and Britain over Iran, Afghanistan and India in the 19th century.  Nasrallah warns the Libyans against accepting western help.  In its place he suggests Hezbollah is an ally without an agenda of control or exploitation, brothers of the same mother and born of the same conflicts.
              (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a televised speech on revolutions and unrest in multiple Arab countries:??-Our gathering today is to voice our support for our Arab people and their revolutions and sacrifices, especially in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.??-The value of this solidarity is moral, political, and ethical, and its effects are also moral. The origin of what is going on – which could decide the fate of an uprising here, a confrontation there, or a resistance there – the origin is the steadfastness of peoples, linked to their faith and high spirituality.??-You remember that during the July [2006] war, every word and statement in any state and anywhere in the world had its impact on the resistance, the people and the displaced.??-The same is the case with the Arab revolts. We tell them that we support them, that we stand by your side and we are ready to help you toward your interest and ours, with your and our capabilities.??-We have to stress that these revolutions are the will of the people themselves. Any accusation that the US manufactured and launched these revolutions is unjust speech toward these peoples, especially that we are talking about regimes which are allied with the USA, serve the American project and pose no threat to Israel.??- Is it reasonable that America would come to obedient and submissive regimes and launch popular uprisings in their face? This would make no sense.??-These popular revolutions are real. They came from the people and the political parties followed. They express awareness, enthusiasm and willingness to sacrifice. This should not be forgotten by the regimes that are facing these peoples.??-We saw people baring their chests and saying “open fire”. This means that killing, threats and massacres could not take the people out of the squares and the arenas of confrontation.??-It is a divine law that when a people comes with this level of will, sacrifice and patience, it cannot be met with defeat – not by America, Israel, or any tyrannical regime anywhere in the world.

              The US and the West gave the Libyan regime time to smash the revolt, but the people stood firm. If this people collapsed, then the world would have sat down with Qaddafi and negotiated with him. Qaddafi’s money would have gone into the pockets of figures in the EU and elsewhere. The rebels in Libya had no choice but to fight.??-In my experience, I have found that in all the faces of the Libyan rebels I saw, there was determination and will. The Libyan situation became complicated because of the international intervention that has begun, which could take this country into the game of nations. From the resisting Lebanon, I salute the rebels in all the cities of Libya.


  • brian writes:
    April 22nd, 20113:35 pmat

    FYI toxic racist tweets that led to war

    ‘One of the most fertile sites for the international production of myths of savage African mercenaries has been Twitter, among other social network sites, in ways that bring back to mind the manner in which Twitter was used to spread misinformation at the time of the June 2009 Iran election protests. The problem is not that the site is an outlet for creative imaginations, but that some of the mainstream media source Twitter for their reports, in the absence of correspondents on the ground. The Independent’s Michael Mumisa observed that “foreign media outlets have had to rely mostly on unverified reports posted on social network websites and on phone calls from Libyans terrified of Gaddafi’s ‘savage African mercenaries who are going door-to-door raping our women and attacking our children’,” and he speaks of “a Twitter user based in Saudi Arabia,” who “wrote how Gaddafi is ‘ordering african (sic) mercenaries to break into homes in Benghazi to RAPE (sic) Libyan women in order to detract (sic) men protesters!'” The New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick, in one of the few sober pieces analyzing the Libyan opposition, noted that “like the chiefs of the Libyan state news media, the rebels feel no loyalty to the truth in shaping their propaganda, claiming nonexistent battlefield victories, asserting they were still fighting in a key city days after it fell to Qaddafi forces, and making vastly inflated claims of his barbaric behavior.”

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