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October 2010
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Oct 19th, 2010 by Syd Walker

Julia Gillard meets Netanyahu

Upholding Australia's genuine national interests? Standing up for global peace & social justice? Julia Gillard with Netanyahu

The bogus ‘War on Terror’ is really a ‘War of Terror’.

It is first and foremost an extended Zionist black op. It”s a sordid – and so-far successful – attempt to harness the western world to fight Israel’s wars of domination.

Clearly there are other interests involved, other beneficiaries and additional goals

The Masters of War couldn’t have pulled off this outrageous scam without plenty of assistance from go-alongs and toadies in countries such as the USA, Britain and Australia.

These people work in many fields: politics, journalism and media, academia, intelligence agencies, unions and the corporate world.

They are on TV a lot. That’s not accidental.

This poem is especially dedicated to Australian hypocrites:


Greg Sheridan

Greg Sheridan, 'journalist' & war propagandist

Australia fights in Afghan lands
To save the South Pacific
While Britain wages war nearby

To save the North Atlantic

The feisty Afghan supermen
Who threaten two great oceans
Once brought THREE towerblocks crashing down
With fire – not explosions!

They’ve learnt to keep the world in dread
By shooting at our drones
(The ones that sail their skies most days
Blowing up their homes)

Paul Howes

Paul Howes 'unionist' who loves tulips

When first we joined this vital war
We said it was to ‘win’
Now we fight to train new troops
(Are these fibs wearing thin?)

If some of them escape from hell
We’ve made of Afghan land
We lock them up in prison camps
Why can’t they understand?

We’re hypocrites! We make things up!
New fables every day…
We take our lead from Tel Aviv
Our duty is: “Obey!”

A victim of NATO in Afghanistan

Young Afghani victim of the occupation. Why do they 'hate us? Why indeed?

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