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August 2010
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Reverse Engineering the 9-11 Hoax
Aug 11th, 2010 by Syd Walker

As this excellent video by Brasscheck.TV shows most effectively, poisonous memes were planted in the public psyche over the first few hours of the 9-11 atrocity, at a time when shock and grief had shut down most viewers’ critical faculties.

Jerome Hauer, incidentally, who’s featured in this video, keeps popping up on TV as a ‘terrorism expert’.

Here’s Winter Patriot’s file on one man who should be on trial for complicity in crimes against humanity.

Wherever they looked there was nothing there
Aug 11th, 2010 by Syd Walker

Al Quaeda does not exist – not in the form conjured up by a never-ending succession of TV talking heads and bought-and-paid-for-columninsts.

The western world has been hoaxed by Zionist conspirators, whose power and influence within the western mass media has been crucial in selling a 1984-style nightmare to a credulous general public.

British Brigadier Roger Lane

British Brigadier Roger Lane: a 'useful idiot'

Arguably, the gravest failure of all has been the role of the ‘western intelligensia’. History will record that in the first decade after 9-11, the great majority of the world’s academics favoured their careers and convenience over pursuit of truth. They should be truly ashamed. Their cowardice and conformism puts civilization in jeopardy – and has helped isolate and endanger the honourable exceptions among their ranks.

The great lie of our era – The ‘War on Terror’ along with its bogus rationales – has been perpetuated for nine long years in the western mass media and in mainstream political discourse. Each day, the terror-myth loses potency. Public exposure of the many liars involved in this gigantic hoax draws closer.

The conflict between competing paradigms is not stable. Traditionally, instability of this kind has been broken by a NEW false-flag atrocity and/or a major war: a new state-sponsored weapon of mass distraction, in other words. Yet the purveyors of mass murder and deceit have already stretched the credulity of the western masses to breaking point. It’s far from certain that another 9-11 style-atrocity would con most westerners the next time round.

Years ago, a well-read Trotskyite of unusually independent mind expressed the view to me that when revolution finally arrived in the USA, it would be short, nasty and very brutish – mainly because of the extraordinary level of gun ownership in the USA.

The idea seemed utterly fanciful at the time. Not any more. See rightwing Jewish support for Israel risks anti-Semitic backlash when U.S. wakes up on Mondoweiss, especially the comments. The great danger for Jewish Americans is that they become perceived as the primary cause of unecessary, debilitating wars along with the increasing impoverishment and disadvantage of the majority. Until now, the left-wing and peace movement has been diverse yet united in opposition to ‘anti-Semitism’. The Marxist left is trained to view reality purely in class terms. Liberals are almost hard-wired to be appalled by the notion of left-wing Judeophobia, viewed as tantamount to Liberalism’s ultimate bete-noir: Nazism.

Yet stable civilization cannot rest on lies. Nor can the demand for truth, free discussion and honest answers cannot be endlessly postponed.

To the extent the Jewish community as a whole stands behind ever-more obvious Zionist lies, it increasingly risks being held accountable for them. The importance of the work of Phil Weiss, Israel Shamir, Jeff Blankfurt, Atzmon Gilad and others is that they help point intelligent, humane Jewish intellectuals to the exit door. There are ways out of this nightmare for us all. That includes decent people whose ethnicity happens to be Jewish.

The Zionist project is a thorn in the backside of humanity. Pluck it out and the inflamation will subside.

Breaking the power of Zionism, incidentally, will also cause Al Quaeda to vanish. After all, it’s only a Zionist myth.

After a relatively quiet couple of years following the 2001 invasion, Afghanis began to realise the presence of the new occupiers was not to be temporary. Resistance has grown steadily ever since.

More about the initial illegality and blatant lies used to justify the 2001 invasion in this must-see video presented by Professor David Ray Griffin: Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by 9/11?

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