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July 2009
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Implosion of the Body-Snatchers?
Jul 24th, 2009 by Syd Walker

Today brings news of the unraveling of yet another major scam in the USA, this time in New Jersey. Once again, disreputable rabbis and other amoral leaders within the Jewish community appear to have played key roles.

The New Jersey bust seems to have been mainly about money laundering on a massive scale. Reportedly, there are connections between the laundered funds and the State of Israel.

An arrested New Jersey rabbi

One of the rabbis arrested in the New Jersey sting (photo via video)

But this case has its own distinctive mind-bending twist.

Apparently the racket included a trade in body parts extracted from “vulnerable people” in Israel. Organs such as kidneys were flown across the Atlantic. Once in the USA, these body parts were re-sold at much more than ten times the purchase price (probably a better rate of return than narcotics?).

It’s ironic. I’d always supposed tales of an Israeli trade in body parts were unreliable neo-Nazi propaganda – or the exaggerated imaginings of a tormented Yasser Arafat in his last few months on earth. They seemed a little too lurid and ‘way out’ to report in this family-oriented blog.

As always, Divine Law has its own way of unfolding. Now Israeli body-snatchers have hit the headlines of the mainstream press, worldwide.

Have the criminal authorities and mass media finally remembered their day jobs?

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