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April 2009
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Laughing Off the Oblivion Express
Apr 29th, 2009 by Syd Walker

The Afghanistan War has been going on so long few seem able to remember why we’re fighting it any more. That’s the way the Anglo-American-Zionist Axis of Imperialism like it. But some of us have inconvenient memories.

In 2001, Afghanistan was in a relative state of calm after two decades of bloody warfare (which commenced back in the late 1970s when ‘the west’ destablized a left wing elected government which, among other things, vigorously promoted women’s rights). True, there were still rebel-held areas eight years ago, mainly in the north of the country where the foreign-sponsored Northern Alliance held sway. But most of the country was at peace under the Taliban’s leadership.

Afghan Opium Production

Afghan Opium Production: since 2001 it's been boomtime for Drug Lords

For the first time for many years, it also seemed an Afghani Government was really getting on top of opium production. With financial help from the UN and US State Department, the Taliban Government – popular precisely because of its comparative freedom from the corruption of previous administrations – was making a serious dent in opium harvest statistics.

I’m not an apologist for the Taliban Government of that time. It did, in my opinion, some foolish and unjust things. Womens’ rights were certainly on the nose in Taliban-led Afghanistan. The destruction of World Heritage Buddhist monuments was an outrage.

The Collapse of WTC-7

We're expected to believe Bin Laden collapsed this building too; a very absurd lie to rationalize a very futile war

Nevertheless, the norm in international law is that nations do not invade other countries because they dislike what other governments do. Without such a norm, modern life would indeed be unpleasant. There are other ways of applying pressure and expressing displeasure. At that time, when the west extended a genuine hand of friendship to the Afghani Government, it was reciprocated. Successful co-operation over narcotics is an example of what was possible.

To justify the invasion of Afghanistan back in November 2001 – an event that we now know was planned in advance of September 11th 2001 –  it was necessary to blame the Taliban Government for the awesome terrorist attack. 9-11 had plunged the USA and its closest allies into a state of shock, awe and congitive dissonance. There was bloodlust in the air. America had been hit and someone had to pay. Afghanistan was first in the sights…

Why Aghanistan? Supposedly, because Osama Bin Laden (a man with longstanding links to US and British ‘Intelligence’) was based there at the time. The US Government and media insisted ‘Al Qaida’ was responsible for the 9-11 attacks and stridently demanded that the Taliban Government hand over it’s leader.

Afghanistan is (or was) a sovereign country. If another Government asks a sovereign nation to extradite people living legally inside its boundaries, the latter is entitled to ask for evidence of the supposed guilt of the accused.

'Precision Bombing' of Afghanistan, 2006

'Precision Bombing' of Damadola, Afghanistan, January 2006; nearly 20 civilians were killed in this one attack

That’s what the Taliban Government of the day did. It didn’t say “Get ****ed!” to the US President.  It asked for evidence of Mr Bin Laden’s guilt. In the fevered, blood-crazed days after 9-11, Bush and the mainstream media portrayed the Taliban Government’s quite normal response as a casus belli.

First the ‘Allies’ bombed, then they invaded – the usual pattern of aggression and violation. Australia, as usual, tagged along.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how we were hustled into war in Afghanistan. More than seven years later (much longer than the duration of either world wars) it’s a war that’s still dragging on, gradually going from bad to worse.

Naturally, once western forces occupied the country, all armed resistance was branded as ‘terrorism’. Allied troops are not fighting the remnants of the last legitmate government; they’re battling ‘terrorists’. It’s all so predictable; all so moronic. It would be laughable if it wasn’t real.

Just before the invasion (c. October 2001) I remember a Taliban Government spokesman interviewed by western journalists. John Howard, Australian Prime Minister at the time, had just promised to send troops to help invade Afghanistan. The hapless Afghani official, doubtless coming to realise the Anglo-American nutcases were deadly serious and his country was about to be bombed and invaded yet again, was asked what he thought about Australia joining the invading forces. Would it affect Afghanistan’s attitude to Australia?

He pondered the question momentarily, as though uncertain what Australia is – then burst out laughing – a reaction that reflected perfectly the sheer absurdity of it all.

Western troops in an opium poppy field

Tiptoe through the poppies...

What should Mr Rudd say when he gets the anticipated call from President Obama asking for more Aussie troops for the wilds of Afghanistan?

He should take a leaf out of the Tablian’s book and let rip a good belly-laugh.


Australian troops? More Australian troops?

Barak, you must be joking.


POSTCRIPT: No sooner had this article been written than radio news reported Rudd has pledged another 400 Australian troops for Afghanistan.

Supposedly, there’s an ‘exit strategy’. But it’s hard to understand what that can mean, as the basis for having troops there at all is just malicious fantasy. There were references to the ANZUS treaty – and platitudes about Rudd’s determination not to allow Afghanistan become a ‘base for terrorists’.

Please Mr Rudd, don’t insult the intelligence of the Australian people! We don’t just get our information news from controlled sources – even if you do.

You didn’t start this cruel and horrible war – but by colluding in the same blatant lies as your predecessor, you’re fast becoming part of the problem.

Mission Impossible
Apr 29th, 2009 by Syd Walker

Mission Specifications for Aussie Trooops in Afghanistan

An impossible job

Download an A4 printable version of Mission Impossible here (PDF, 693KB)

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