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January 2009
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More Bin Laden Bull
January 14th, 2009 by Syd Walker

I hear on the chatterbox that ‘Osama Bin Laden’ is at it again, calling for global jihad and generally stirring things up.

OBL: at it again

OBL: at it again. You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

The BBC ‘terrorism expert’ explained that the authenticity of this latest audio-tape is “not confirmed”.

I’ll say.

Can someone please tell the idiotic disinformation artists who put this stuff out that normal people stopped believing in it years ago. They are now talking only to their pyschotic fellow-fanatics (Zionists, that is – and even then, only the very silly ones).

I don’t care if you’re in Hollywood, Tel Aviv or anywhere else on this potentially wonderful planet.

Pack it in.



Back in December 2002, Jane’s Information Group published a very jokey article about Israeli spooks’ attitude to Bin Laden, entitled Osama bin who? Here’s a short extract:

…Israel was not on Bin Laden’s hit list. And since Bin Laden was not threatening Israel, the Israelis did not threaten him. He was never on the annual list of Islamist extremists issued by the espionage and security services.This sleepy Israeli approach towards Bin Laden has of course been changed. True? Wrong. Until this week, and regardless of the Kenya attack on Israeli tourists in November, Bin Laden is still not Israel’s top priority for intelligence coverage.

Israel’s spymasters still think that even after Kenya, Bin Laden has bigger and less-protected targets than Israel to attack. The Israeli secret services’ second reason is that, regardless of their worldwide reputation, they are overloaded with work and cannot stretch beyond their main target: espionage on Arab armies, Palestinian groups and Iran.

Yet earlier the very same month, Israeli  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was quoted in a BBC report spinning an ‘Al Qaida in Gaza’ yarn:

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon drew Palestinian anger on Thursday when he said that al-Qaeda militants were operating in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

“We know that they are there. We know that they are in Lebanon, working closely with Hezbollah. We know that they are in the region,” he said.

Then a couple of days later the Sydney Morning Herald reported:

Palestinian security forces have arrested a group of Palestinians for collaborating with Israel and posing as operatives of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist network, a senior official said yesterday.

The arrests come two days after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon charged al-Qaeda militants were operating in Gaza and in Lebanon.

“The Palestinian Authority arrested a group of collaborators who confessed they were working for Israel, posing as al-Qaeda operatives in the Palestinian territories,” said the official, on condition of anonymity.

He said the alleged collaborators sought to “discredit the Palestinian people, justify every Israeli crime and provide reasons to carry out a new (military) aggression in the Gaza Strip.”

With the Ghost of Bin Laden on the prowl again, let’s see if the Israelis get their lines straight this time round.

3 Responses  
  • Jinjirrie writes:
    January 15th, 20091:03 amat

    Still haven’t got my hands on a transcript – still whoever it was made economic pronouncements – gloating?

    If fake, why admonish Arab governments for disallowing protest and support of Gaza.

    Check these pics out – solidarity with Gaza in Free Derry :)

  • Von Curtis writes:
    January 15th, 20097:04 amat

    Poor bin Laden , they keep digging him up – many internet reports say he died from kidney failure in 2002 in a Pakistani military hospital – early pictures of him looked like he was very sick – Benazir Bhutto said he had died before she was assassinated . Bin Laden’s story is certainly not what we have been told – I have read that originally he did work for the CIA against the Russians in Afganistan and then he must have fallen out with the Americans.

  • More Bin Laden Bull « E Verteta’s Weblog writes:
    January 15th, 20097:14 amat

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